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Product Overview

The proven mite and insect management tool

Growers can use proven Agri-Mek® SC miticide/insecticide for exceptional mite and insect control on soybeans, nuts, fruit and vegetables. With its extended residual control and tank-mix convenience, Agri-Mek SC protects yield that may be vulnerable to damaging mites and insects.

Product Highlights

  • Protects soybeans, almonds, grapes, citrus fruits, sweet corn and a variety of other vegetables
  • Provides a reservoir of protection with its locally systemic active ingredient, abamectin
  • Targets difficult-to-manage pests such as twospotted spider mites on both the upper and lower level of leaves
  • Becomes rainfast once dry, providing long residual control levels
  • Easily tank mixes with common crop protection products like Endigo® ZC insecticide for broad-spectrum control of other pests



                             Untreated                                                         Treated with Agri-Mek SC                                 

Source: Cooperator Trial, Nebraska. Photos courtesy of Thomas Hunt.

Download Supporting Agri-Mek SC Documents

2016896201675165934_Colorado-potato-beetle.jpg PDF
Colorado Potato Beetle Sheet(PDF)
2016470201675164925_Agri-MekSC-Soybean.jpg PDF
Agri-Mek SC Soybean Sell Sheet(PDF)
201662220167517353_Zebra-chip-mgmt.jpg PDF
Zebra Chip Management--Pacific Northwest(PDF)
201626820167517114_Agri-Mek-rate-card.jpg PDF
Agri-Mek Multi-Crop Rate Card(PDF)
20167902016751728_Agri-Mek-SC-crop-guide.jpg PDF
Agri-Mek SC Multi Crop Guide(PDF)
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