Besiege Insecticide

Product Overview 

Broad-spectrum lepidopteran and secondary pest protection

Besiege® insecticide provides excellent knockdown and long-lasting residual of the most difficult-to-control lepidopteran pests and other economically important pests. Its convenient premix formula contains two active ingredients with complementary modes of action for dual protection against key insect pests. Besiege helps ensure optimal yield and quality in soybeans, cotton, tobacco, pasture, corn, sunflowers, sorghum, canola, alfalfa, cereals, peanuts, legume vegetables and sugarcane.

Product Highlights 

  • Contains two active ingredients, chlorantraniliprole and lambda-cyhalothrin, available in an easy premix formulation
  • Offers two modes of action, which control insects by contact, ingestion and ovicidal activity
  • Controls lepidopteran pests, including soybean looper, armyworms and corn earworm
  • Delivers longer-lasting residual than other lepidopteran materials
  • Protects against stinkbugs, grasshoppers, adult moths and beetle species
  • Shows broader and stronger performance for consistent, high-level control

Download Supporting Besiege Documents

2016387201671321142_Besiege-Soybean-Sell-Sheet.jpg PDF
Besiege Soybean Sell Sheet(PDF)
2016896201675165934_Colorado-potato-beetle.jpg PDF
Colorado Potato Beetle Sheet(PDF)
20167392016713211435_Besiege-on-sugarcane.jpg PDF
Sugarcane Technical Bulletin(PDF)
20166262016713211614_Besiege-corn-sell-sheet.jpg PDF
Besiege Seed Corn Sell Sheet(PDF)
20166262016713211614_Besiege-corn-sell-sheet.jpg PDF
Besiege Sweet Corn Sell Sheet(PDF)
20166262016713211614_Besiege-corn-sell-sheet.jpg PDF
Besiege Technical Bulletin(PDF)


Aug 9, 2016

Worm pressures prompt Syngenta to call for diligent soybean scouting

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Jul 30, 2015

Widespread presence of kudzu bugs threatens Southern soybeans

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Jun 18, 2014

Besiege® insecticide, from Syngenta, now registered for use in sorghum, among other crops

Syngenta announced today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted additional registration approvals for the use of Besiege® insecticide on sorghum, cereal grains and peanuts.Read more »

Apr 22, 2013

Syngenta insecticide offers dual-action insect control for soybeans, among other crops

Combatting yield-robbing insects is now more attainable for growers as Syngenta adds yet another tool to its product portfolio. Offering proven insect control on a number of crops, Besiege® insecticide recently received registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on soybeans, sunflowers and canola. Read more »

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