Clinch - Insecticide | Syngenta

Product Overview

When fire ants threaten to damage valuable crops like almonds, citrus and walnuts, growers need a highly-effective solution with long residual control; Clinch® fire ant bait meets those needs. Clinch works in two ways – through ingestion and ceasing egg production – to provide protection that ensures the fire ants won’t return. With its powerful and reliable elimination of ants, Clinch gives growers peace of mind that their crop and their bottom line are safe.

Product Highlights

  • Dual mode of action for elimination of fire ants
  • Flexible application methods to fit into existing programs
  • Provides long-term control by sterilizing the queen, ceasing production of viable eggs
  • Ingestion activity works slowly enough to allow bait to be passed to other colony members for total colony elimination
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