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Product Overview

For a modern insecticide that provides reliable, broad-spectrum control of damaging pests, trust Voliam Flexi® insecticide. Voliam Flexi gives growers the long-lasting residual they need to control key sucking, chewing and lepidopteran pests in citrus and tree fruit. With dual modes of action and a convenient premix formulation, Voliam Flexi is the easy way to protect your crops and your bottom line.

Product Highlights

  • Complementary, dual modes of action result in convenient broad spectrum control of key sucking and chewing pests
  • An innovative mode of action for lepidopteran control to assist with resistance management
  • Excellent residual control and longer interval between applications
  • Removes the hassle of tank-mixing: saves time, reduces exposure, reduces chances for mistakes, fewer calculations
  • Easier compliance – one label has all the information needed to meet federal and local regulations
  • Clear, concise MRL information readily available for export markets

Download Supporting Voliam Flexi Documents

Voliam Flexi Multi Crop Quick Reference Guide(PDF)
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