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Syngenta introduces Force® Evo liquid corn insecticide for the 2018 growing season

  • Enhanced liquid formulation designed for growers looking for performance and convenience
  • Same proven control of corn rootworm and other early-season pests
  • Demonstrated formulation benefits will improve user experience
GREENSBORO, N.C., USA,. – Syngenta announced Force® Evo, an enhanced liquid corn insecticide, is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and will replace Force CS, starting in the 2018 growing season.
“Force CS was a very effective insecticide for control of corn rootworm (CRW) and other early-season pests, but its liquid formulation had some challenges with handling and application,” said John Koenig, insecticide technical product lead at Syngenta. “After listening to growers’ concerns, we knew a more sophisticated, high-performing liquid formulation was needed for improved handling and increased at-plant efficiency.” 
After rigorous lab and field testing, Koenig said he’s excited about the performance and convenience Force Evo will deliver.
“Force Evo has four times lower viscosity than Force CS. And Force Evo provides better cold-weather tolerance and freeze-thaw performance for improved insecticide pumping and flowability,” Koenig said. “In addition, it’s compatible with 47 liquid starter fertilizers, allowing hassle-free use through existing closed, direct-injection application systems from John Deere and Raven.”
Among the three farmers from across the Midwest who were able to trial Force Evo this season was Michael Geurts of Marshall, Minnesota.

“What I really like about the new product is the ease of mixing with our liquid starter fertilizer,” said Geurts. “I’ve trusted Force for years as far as the insect protection it delivers, but Force Evo will give me the convenience I like of a liquid insecticide. Being able to load the boxes, couple the hoses and start planting knowing your roots will be protected is an investment worth making.”


Syngenta made the Force Evo formulation less viscous so growers will have hassle-free planting, with no delays. This photo shows the superior flowability of Force Evo (left), compared to the thicker Force CS formulation (right).

Koenig said equipment cleanout will also be easier with Force Evo, since trials show it leaves four-to- six times less residue on equipment surfaces.


This photo shows Force Evo (left) vs. Force CS (right) and the residue difference on the walls of these vials after they were inverted several times.
“At Syngenta, we listen to what growers are saying, which has a direct impact on the improvements we make,” said Koenig. “With Force Evo, growers will continue to see top-rated control of early-season pests, like corn rootworm, but have a better user experience.”
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