A Science-driven Boost to Your Seed Portfolio

NK® corn and soybeans offer growers unique choice and greater value – helping to deliver maximum return on investment.

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Innovation That Drives Yields
Inside the Lab

NK was the first to introduce BT corn and the first to develop a proprietary soybean variety. Today, NK researchers utilize data to push seed technology forward. Through our award-winning system of data analytics, NK breeders and scientists are able to pinpoint the high-performing genetics that will provide greater value to growers. And because of advancements like high-speed trait conversion, you are getting access to the newest NK hybrids and varieties an average of two years faster than before. That means more choice for you.

Maximize ROI with the Latest Traits
NK hybrids and varieties

NK hybrids and varieties offer an elite combination of best-in-class genetics and leading traits – innovations like Agrisure Duracade® 5222 E-Z Refuge®, the ultimate trait stack for premium insect control, choice and simplicity in corn, as well as a range of soybean herbicide trait options. And because NK seeds originate from a propriety pool of genetics, you truly spread risk and maximize returns by adding them to your seed portfolios.

Portfolio Choices for Performance
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Diversity is key to the performance of any seeds portfolio. Work with your local NK retailer to identify the best combination of seed genetics and traits that will help deliver top yields in your fields.

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