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Resistance Fighter Leadership Program

Introduced in 2009, the Resistance Fighter Leadership Program recognizes:

  • Those who serve as role models and provide growers with guidance they need to manage resistance successfully in their operations.
  • Those who have an understanding and are proactively managing the impact of invasive species, whether they are weeds, insects, disease or nematodes, which is vital to a grower’s success.

Eligible applicants include agronomists, consultants and county extension agents who have successfully implemented resistance management practices with producers in their area.

Syngenta continues the Resistance Fighter Leadership Program to educate everyone about the importance of resistance management and equip them with the tools they need to reduce the chance of resistance ever developing.

Resistance Resources

Be Part of the Solution

Watch this video which explains the obstacles that growers face in dealing with herbicide-resistant weeds and how they can overcome the weeds that threaten their livelihood and legacy.