Apron Maxx RTA - Seed Treatment | Syngenta

Product Overview

ApronMaxx® RTA® fungicide, a blue colored dilute grower applied formulation, protects crop investment and increases the chance of higher soybean yields by reducing the threat of seed- and soil-borne diseases. The broad-spectrum, low-use-rate seed treatment helps improve plant stands and vigor, enabling soybean growers to avoid replanting costs.

Product Highlights

  • Formulated for direct application through an on-farm treater
  • Available with and without molybdenum
  • Slurry-compatible with inoculants
  • No water needs to be added for proper seed coverage
  • Protects the genetic yield potential of soybean seed
  • Improves stand establishment
  • Improves vigor
  • Reduces seed-borne infection
  • Protects against soil-borne disease
  • Helps avoid replanting costs
  • Promotes early canopy cover to suppress weeds
  • Improved handling with less seed sticking and fewer planter problems
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