Apron XL - Seed Treatment | Syngenta

Product Overview

Trusted and proven, Apron XL® seed treatment fungicide is labeled for use on more than 50 crops to help growers maximize the profit potential of high-performing seeds by guarding against diseases that can inhibit emergence, plant stand, plant health and ultimately yield potential. The worldwide standard for Pythium control, Apron XL protects plants from damping-off and poor seed germination under cool and wet environmental conditions. Apron XL also offers protection against early-season Phytophthora and downy mildew.

Product Highlights

  • The worldwide standard for Pythium control
  • Low use rate for ease of handling and good plantability
  • Provides increased performance, yield and return on investment potential versus competitive products
  • Provides superior protection of seed- and soil-borne diseases such as Pythium and early-season Phytophthora
  • Controls damping off and downy mildew on a wide variety of crops
  • Provides outstanding activity for excellent early crop vigor, typically resulting in higher yields at harvest
  • Offers excellent protection against systemic downy mildew
  • Registered as a Reduced Risk pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency *
*A reduced-risk pesticide use is defined as one which “may reasonably be expected to accomplish one or more of the following: (1) reduces pesticide risks to human health; (2) reduces pesticide risks to non-target organisms; (3) reduces the potential for contamination of valued, environmental resources, or (4) broadens adoption of IPM or makes it more effective. Apron XL qualifies under one or more of the above criteria.
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