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Avicta Cotton Plus Vibrance

Product Details

Avicta Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance CST Seed Treatment

Featuring seven active ingredients, Avicta® Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance® CST seed treatment delivers extended protection against a broad spectrum of seedborne and soilborne diseases and helps cotton growers stay one step ahead of insect pests.

Active Ingredients:

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Resistance Management:

Product Benefits

  • Broad-spectrum control of seed, soil and foliar chewing and sucking insects including tobacco thrips (limited control), Western flower thrips, cotton aphid and cotton fleahoppers (suppression)
  • Long-lasting protection of entire root system under wide range of environmental conditions
  • Best-in-class Rhizoctonia protection
  • New mode of action with ideal systemic activity and soil mobility
  • Low use rate and excellent seed safety

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