Built by growers, for growers, the AgriEdge® farm management software empowers you to make more informed decisions faster to help maximize returns. Get a full-season view of your operation with field-level insights, business-level analysis and proven whole-farm results. Track inputs, map fields, manage inventories and securely store data, all in one place.

Your Data Belongs to You

AgriEdge growers can be confident that their data is secure and protected. Syngenta’s data privacy policy seeks compliment and reinforce its trusted relationship with growers. Data accuracy, ownership and security are central to the success of AgriEdge.

AgriEdge Data Privacy Policy

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

AgriEdge is powered by Land.db®, a comprehensive farm management software that tracks, measures and analyzes each acre for profitability. Farm inputs can be tracked and measured by entity, farm, field or crop zone to propel robust crop planning and budgeting. Store and query data received based on field attributes, including crop varieties, irrigation, tillage and more. Generate GIS field mapping, infrastructure mapping, border crop and sensitive area identification, in addition to active ingredient threshold monitoring. Bring it full circle by recording harvest information for any crop or field to best prepare for the next season.

Syngenta knows retailers and growers would rather be in the field than at a desk. Land.db® goes beyond fieldwork to manage product inventories, pricing, invoicing, equipment (PPE) and Worker Protection Safety (WPS) requirements and generating work orders in English and Spanish. Satisfy all stakeholders with Land.db® by capturing, storing and reporting key sustainability metrics.

Accessible Connectivity

Stay connected with technology that moves with you. Cloud storage technology enables access to Land.db® from any desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. Integrations with equipment systems, such as John Deere® and Case IH®, are available to make life easier by seamlessly importing and exporting auto-captured records and field boundaries.

Integrated Innovation

AgriEdge offers an exclusive, complete, technology-powered approach to help you translate agronomics into economics. Securely manage and monitor crop management through precise capture, collection and analysis of field data. Help maximize yield, efficiency and potential profits with advanced integrations to save time while improving yield and accuracy.


Help maximize yield, efficiency and potential profits with advanced integrations of satellite, aircraft and drone imagery analysis and scouting technology that detects diseases, pests and poor plant nutrition so growers can act quickly. This technology can reduce field scouting to save time while improving yield potential and accuracy.

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“I felt we were always onto something with using other programs, but it just wasn’t perfect. With AgriEdge farm management software, all the answers and all the things I tried to make my old software do are there. It’s developed and engineered so that I can customize it to my farming operation.”

Cody Carpenter, Colorado

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Digital Technology Is Transforming Ag Production Practices

Even before digital agriculture was a hot topic in the industry, Syngenta established AgriEdge, the whole-farm management program that helps growers enhance productivity in an unbiased way. For more than a decade, growers enrolled in the program have had access to cloud-based data and record-keeping software. See How.

Syngenta Acquires FarmShots™, High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Innovator

Farmshots™ high-resolution satellite imagery helps reduce field scouting by as much as 90 percent and helps them focus on areas of need by accurately spotting field issues caused by planter skips, emergence, insect feeding, plant nutrition, disease, weeds, and more. Read More.

AgriEdge Brochure

Our technology platform is a comprehensive resource for the ever-changing needs of growers everywhere, helping drive better yields and achieve greater potential returns on investment. View Now.
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