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Product Overview

With soybean cyst nematode (SCN) adapted to genetic resistance, take back your yield with Clariva® Complete Beans seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, for season-long protection from the No 1. soybean pest.

Product Highlights

  • Delivers lethal, season-long protection against SCN
  • Enhances the performance of SCN-resistant varieties that are facing overuse
    • The genetic source PI88788 found in more than 95% of SCN-resistant varieties is losing efficacy
  • Delivers an average yield increase of 2.6 bushels-per-acre (bu/A) compared to an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment alone; in some fields, yield increases of more than 10 bu/A have been observed
  • Combines with Mertect® 340-F fungicide for increased activity against sudden death syndrome (SDS)
  • Provides superior protection against damaging insects and diseases during the critical early-growth stage
  • Optimizes root health and plant vigor for better emergence, stand, stress tolerance and overall performance


“When we first used Clariva Complete Beans seed treatment, we saw an 80 to 85 percent reduction in soybean cyst nematode. That translated to a yield increase between 3 to 11 bushels per acre. It does work.” – Ralph Pabst, Grower and Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor™, Sanborn, MN

“Soybeans treated with Clariva Complete Bean seed treatment had more roots and healthier roots. It seemed like the plants had more vigor and an extra node of soybeans versus a competitor seed treatment.” – Glen Thoene, Grower, Herrington, NE

“This year, I treated 100 percent of my soybean seed with Clariva Complete Beans seed treatment. We got about a 10- to 12-bushel advantage, so we’re really pleased.” – John Thiel, Grower, Caledonia, OH

Download Supporting Clariva Complete Beans Documents

Clariva Complete Beans serves as an additional method for managing SCN. It’s a critical form of protection in the fight against the adaption of SCN to genetic sources of resistance. Learn more about SCN and how to protect soybean yields from this billion-dollar pest through these resources and articles from CropLife.

2016404201652623208_Clariva-Sell-Sheet-thumb.jpg PDF
Clariva Complete Beans Sell Sheet(PDF)
20165132016526231841_Clariva-SCN-Sell-thumb.jpg PDF
SCN Sell Sheet(PDF)
20155952015121415411_CCB-Tech-Sheet.jpg PDF
Clariva Complete Beans Tech Sheet(PDF)
20167922016107144819_ResistanceVarieties-QA.JPG PDF
SCN-Resistant Varieties: Q&A With Michigan State's George Bird(PDF)
20164722016921181639_soil-samples-snip.JPG PDF
How to Take Soil Samples for Soybean Cyst Nematode(PDF)
20166822016921181438_Impact-of-moisture.JPG PDF
The Impact of Moisture on SCN(PDF)
20164532016107144954_ROTATING-SOURCES.JPG PDF
Rotating Sources of Resistance for Soybean Cyst Nematode(PDF)
2016705201692117519_SCN-big-problem.JPG PDF
Soybean Cyst Nematode: A Big Problem That's Getting Bigger(PDF)

Clariva Complete Beans performance in the field

Clariva Complete Beans seed treatment is designed to protect your soybean seed from soybean cyst nematode (SCN), the No. 1 pest for U.S. soybean growers. These photos from a test plot in Arkdale, Wisconsin, show how Clariva Complete Beans performs against confirmed SCN pressure.
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Clariva Complete Beans emergence
Clariva Complete Beans emergence close-up
Untreated vs. Clariva Complete Beans emergence
Stunted growth from SCN
Clariva Complete Beans vs. Untreated
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Clariva Complete Beans emergence

Clariva Complete Beans optimizes root health and plant vigor for better emergence, stand, stress tolerance and overall performance.

Clariva Complete Beans emergence close-up

Soybean seedlings face a number of obstacles during early-season development. Effective seed treatments work to minimize risks during the early stages of development and protect the genetic potential of your soybean variety.

Untreated vs. Clariva Complete Beans emergence

Clariva Complete Beans is the only seed-applied nematicide with lethal, season-long SCN activity. As seen in the photo, applying Clariva Complete Beans means improved health, emergence and performance in your soybeans.

Stunted growth from SCN

Young developing roots are stunted when infected by SCN. Early infection is often the most significant potential season-long effect on soybean performance, so incorporating a seed treatment into your SCN management plan is crucial.

Clariva Complete Beans vs. Untreated

Healthy roots systems are crucial for plants to reach full yield potential. As seen in the photo, plants treated with Clariva Complete Beans have more vigorous root systems than the untreated check.


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