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Season-Long SCN Management

Protecting against soybean cyst nematode (SCN) just got easier with Clariva® Elite Beans seed treatment. Clariva Elite Beans is an easy-to-handle premix of Clariva pn nematicide and CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® seed treatment and is the next generation seed treatment to Clariva Complete Beans*. Unlike any other seed-applied soybean seed treatment on the market, Clariva Elite Beans provides season-long activity against SCN.
Recent Iowa State University research supports the addition of nematicide seed treatments to SCN management plans. More than 95% of SCN-resistant varieties contain the genetic source PI88788. Because SCN has adapted to this resistance, nematologists recommend using an integrated pest management program to better manage SCN. By combining cultural practices, such as non-host crop rotation, with proven seed treatments, you can extend the life of SCN-resistant seed genetics.


What Sets Clariva Elite Beans Apart?

  • Offers the only season-long, lethal SCN activity
  • Delivers an average yield increase of 2.7 bu/A compared to an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment alone; in some fields, yield increases of more than 10 bu/A have been observed
  • Enhances the performance of SCN-resistant seed varieties that are facing overuse
  • Provides superior protection against damaging insects and diseases during the critical early-growth stage
  • Optimizes the RootingPower of Vibrance and the Cruiser® Vigor Effect for better emergence, stand, stress tolerance and overall performance
  • Improves treater efficiency with little to no thickening with an enhanced formulation 
  • Reduces impact from sudden death syndrome (SDS) and other SCN-related diseases
    - Can be combined with Mertect® 340-F fungicide for increased activity against SDS


Mark Cervenka
Francesville, IN

Mark Cervenka

“With Clariva Elite Beans seed treatment* we don’t have nearly as much risk planting early in cold weather. We’ve seen that the plants get off to a better start. The root mass is stronger. We haven’t had the need to replant. That saves a lot of money and a lot of time.”


Clete Miller
Grower and treater
Bowling Green, MO

Clete Miller

“SCN is building resistance to some of the traits in soybeans, so we’ve had to move on to other things to help us control the pressure. We’ve been very pleased with the results from Clariva Elite Beans seed treatment*. We’ve picked up several bushels an acre by switching to Clariva Elite Beans.”


*This grower used seed treated with Clariva Complete Beans, a combination of the separate products found in the Clariva Elite Beans premix.




Download Supporting Clariva Elite Beans Documents

20174892017119202411_CEB Grower.jpg PDF
Clariva Elite Beans Grower Sell Sheet(PDF)
20175652017119202333_CEB Reseller.jpg PDF
Clariva Elite Beans Reseller Sell Sheet(PDF)

The Formulation that Proves Itself in the Field

Clariva Elite Beans will help protect your soybean roots from SCN.
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CEB: Plant Vigor Untreated,-Acceleron-+-Ilevo,-CCB
CEB: Untreated, Generic, Pioneer, Clariva
CEB: Emergence CCB-vs-untreated--photo-lib
CEB Plant Stand Unreated-vs.-CCB-emergence
CEB Stress Tolerance AcceleronILeVO vs Clariva
CEB: CCB vs Untreated Roots
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Plant Vigor

Clariva Elite Beans** (right) protects vulnerable seedlings during their critical early-growth stages. SCN can stunt plant development as seen in the plants treated with Acceleron® + ILeVO® seed treatment (middle) and the untreated check (left). Source: Syngenta trials, 2017, Stanton, MN

**Tests performed as Clariva pn + CruiserMaxx Vibrance

Root Health

Clariva Elite Beans** (right) is powered by the unique RootingPower of Vibrance fungicide and the Cruiser Vigor Effect. These two components help optimize soybean yields when compared to Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment® (second from right) and a generic blend (second from left). SCN can damage the roots, making it easier for other diseases to further infect the seedlings, as seen in the untreated check (left). Source: Syngenta trials, 2017, Kinston, NC.

**Tests performed as Clariva pn + CruiserMaxx Vibrance


Poor stand and emergence are two above-ground symptoms of an SCN infestation in fields. As seen in the photo, plants treated with Clariva Elite Beans** (left) have more even emergence and plant vigor than the untreated check (right).

**Tests performed as Clariva pn + CruiserMaxx Vibrance

Plant Stand

Clariva Elite Beans** is the only seed-applied nematicide premix with lethal, season-long SCN activity. SCN infestations can affect plant stand, as seen in the photo of the untreated check (left).

**Tests performed as Clariva pn + CruiserMaxx Vibrance

Stress Tolerance

Greater root mass helps provide better stress tolerance throughout the season. Early-season root loss is often never recovered, leading to smaller root mass with lower stress tolerance. In-house trials at Syngenta show the root difference between Clariva Elite Beans** (left) and Acceleron® + ILeVO® seed treatment (right). Source: Syngenta trials, 2017, Stanton, MN.

**Tests performed as Clariva pn + CruiserMaxx Vibrance

Root Health

Healthy root systems are crucial for plants to reach full yield potential. Early-season root loss is often never replaced, leaving reduced root mass season long, limiting your yield potential. As seen in the photo, plants treated with Clariva Elite Beans** (left) have more vigorous root systems than the untreated check (right).

**Tests performed as Clariva pn + CruiserMaxx Vibrance


Sep 28, 2017

Syngenta receives EPA registration for new premix: Clariva® Elite Beans seed treatment

Syngenta announced Clariva® Elite Beans seed treatment has received registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in soybeans.Read more »

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