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Product Overview

Clariva pn seed treatment nematicide offers triple protection against seedling disease, insects and sugarbeet cyst nematode through its unique mode of action, maximizing yield, quality and profit potential.

Protect sugarbeet genetics and yield potential with Clariva® pn

  • Provides millions of P. nishizawae spores lethal to nematodes   
  • Complements and enhances variety tolerance against sugarbeet cyst nematode (BCN
  • Works well under varying environmental conditions
  • Highly stable and not susceptible to environmental degradation

Download Supporting Clariva pn Documents

20156132015717211731_Sugarbeet-Cyst.jpg PDF
Sugarbeet Cyst Nematode Pest Alert(PDF)
2015716201571721167_Clariva-Tech.jpg PDF
Clariva pn Technical Bullentin(PDF)
20152532015717211337_Clariva-pn-Info.jpg PDF
Clariva pn Information Sheet(PDF)
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