CruiserMaxx Potato -Seed Treatment |Syngenta

Product Overview

CruiserMaxx® Potato Extreme insecticide/fungicide seed treatment lays the foundation to help grow the best potato crop. CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme combines the convenience and uniformity of a liquid seed treatment with the power of a trusted insecticide, two fungicides with different modes of action, and a drying agent to aid in healing wounds. This powerful combination of active ingredients provides enhanced control of key potato diseases such as Fusarium dry rot and silver scurf and protection against a variety of early- to mid-season chewing and sucking insects.

Product Highlights

  • Protection from many early- to mid-season insects including Colorado potato beetle, certain aphids, potato leaf hopper and potato psyllid.
  • Long-lasting activity against pathogens causing silver scurf, black scurf, and cankers.
  • Helps prevent seed decay by combating fungal pathogens like Fusarium spp.
  • Exclusive drying agent aids in suberization.
  • Low viscosity and freezing point for easier handling in cold weather.
  • Built-in disease resistance management.


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