CruiserMaxx Sorghum -Seed Treatment |Syngenta

Product Overview

With the combined power of Cruiser® insecticide and Apron® XL, Dynasty® and Maxim® fungicides, CruiserMaxx® Sorghum seed treatment offers outstanding early-season protection from yield-robbing pests so sorghum crops start strong. Helping to fend off growing season stresses, CruiserMaxx Sorghum ensures growers receive proven disease protection for a healthier crop with higher yield potential.

Product Highlights

  • Helps plants better withstand environmental stress during the growing season with the Cruiser Vigor Effect 
  • Enhances vigor so sorghum crops can establish strong stands
  • Protects plants from a broad spectrum of seedborne and soilborne diseases 
  • Saves time at planting with convenient, ready-to-plant protection 
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