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Product Overview

Fortenza® insecticide seed treatment serves at the front line to guard corn plants against insect damage and delivers long-lasting protection. The active ingredient in Fortenza, cyantraniliprole, offers corn growers a new tool to help prevent early-season insect damage.

Product Highlights

  • Protection against above- and below- ground insects including black cutworm, white grub and wireworm
  • Compatible with Cruiser®-containing brands for protection against early-season insects and disease
  • Promotes vigorous crop establishment and increased stand, maximizing return on seed investment
  • Stimulates insect protection through strong root uptake and efficient movement within the plant from the roots to the leaves from day one 

Designed to Complement Cruiser-containing Brands

Cruiser-containing brands include a combination of separately registered products for protection against early-season insects and disease. These brands include Avicta® Complete Corn with Vibrance nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment and CruiserMaxx® Corn with Vibrance insecticide/fungicide seed treatment.

Download Supporting Fortenza Documents

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Fortenza Receives EPA Registration News Release(PDF)
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