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Delivering technology,
genetics and value.™

Maximize Your Farm’s ROI Potential

NK® corn and soybeans combine proven performance, genetic choice and a commitment to offering the industry’s best seed experience.


A Leader in Seed Technology

NK has been at the forefront of corn and soybean innovation for 135 years. Today, backed by award-winning Syngenta R&D, our breeders are using cutting-edge digital tools and data analytics to directly tackle farmers' top priorities. This allows us to deliver new solutions faster than ever.


Diversify Your Portfolio

NK hybrids and varieties are bred from one of the deepest benches of genetic choice in the industry. This enables farmers to minimize risk and maximize yield potential no matter their location.

And by providing access to a broad selection of the most advanced traits, NK helps set up a successful season as soon as the seed goes in the ground.



Maximize and sustain ROI potential. AgriEdge® is a proven whole-farm program that combines secure data management across digital platforms and innovative product choices for every crop.

Ram AgPack

Get a $250 soybean seed rebate or a $1,000 corn seed rebate with the purchase of a new Ram truck from a Ram AgPack dealer.

Competitive Financing

Take ROI potential to new heights with offers from Rabo AgriFinance and John Deere Financial.

Enogen Feed

Increase the efficiency of your feedlot or dairy operation by switching to Enogen® Feed hybrids.

Enogen for Ethanol

The first biotech corn output trait designed for ethanol production, Enogen increases ROI potential.

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Agronomic News

"Know More, Grow More" a Syngenta agronomy blog, provides the latest agronomic insights and crop management advice. Browse our blog to read the latest insights from the field.

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#Enlist E3 soybeans are the most recent technology to hit the market. Search for NK soybean seeds by herbicide tolerance to find the right seed for your fields! https://t.co/S52kZWdOkP #NKSeeds https://t.co/HvCn2jKa94
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Syngenta SeedCare has been combining industry-leading products with outstanding customer service to minimize dust-off and ensure successful seed treatments. Find out more on the @SyngentaUS SeedCare goals here: https://t.co/1MYjsFJ3eL #NKSeeds https://t.co/NNy6bToqnW
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Syngenta develops all NK Corn hybrids using a complex system of intelligent analytics, testing and technology geared to improve your bottom line. https://t.co/ti9kLttAf3 #NKSeeds #theNKway https://t.co/EmjlR2LAyu

A Brand with a Legacy – and a Future

NK has come a long way since being founded in 1884 as a mail order seeds business, but one factor has remained constant: a commitment to difference-making innovation.