NK Soybeans seed

High-tech seed so you can get more from these rows.

Great yields start with great seed. Advanced research is behind every NK® Soybean variety to deliver superior performance.

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Helping Soybeans Reach Their Full Potential

In today’s highly-competitive agricultural environment, it is more important than ever to select the best, most advanced soybean seed available. With an elite combination of best-in-class genetics and the latest traits, NK Soybeans are the high-tech seed growers need to maximize crop return on every acre.

Advanced Seed Technology Starts Here

NK Soybean varieties are developed using the Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System. This complex system of intelligent analytics, testing and technology, further accelerates collaboration and brings you the most cutting-edge soybeans on the market. Our commitment to research and development means that you get the highest-performing seed every time.

Tools to Grow More Soybeans Resource Page

Our Tools to Grow More Soybeans resource page offers insight on the pests that threaten yield and the products that can help you grow more soybeans. Find tools and best management practices to help you and your soybeans excel at every point of the growing season.


Tim Carlson
Kingsley, IA

Tim Carlson

“We’ve been using NK Soybeans for over 35 years. In 2016, we had our best beans ever. Our NK Soybeans were planted late, finished early and still had record yields.”

Arlen Simonson
Tomah, WI

Arlen Simonson

“If a grower tries a few NK Soybeans, they’d wish they planted more. We’re very happy with the product, no matter where we plant them.”

Ryan Franzluebbers
Hallam, NE

Ryan Franzluebbers

“Most growers have used NK Soybeans and continue to use them because they offer excellent yield, strong agronomic packages and disease resistance. NK Soybeans have consistently been one of the lead soybeans in the area.”


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How the naming system works
  • A "S" indicates NK Soybeans.
  • B Indicates maturity group (0-7)
  • C Indicates within group maturity rating on a 0-9 scale (0 = early, 9 = late)
  • D Randomly designated letter and number
  • E X - Denotes Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® technology (if applicable)


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