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NK Soybeans seed

Innovative, high-yielding varieties to enhance your seed portfolio

NK soybeans are an innovative, high-yielding addition to your operation, proven to perform in fields across the country.

NK Soybean Seeds
Helping Soybeans Reach Their Full Potential

In today’s highly-competitive agricultural environment, it is more important than ever to select the best, most advanced soybean seed available. With an elite combination of best-in-class genetics and the latest traits, NK soybeans are the high-tech seed growers need to maximize crop return on every acre.

Advanced Seed Technology Starts Here

NK soybean varieties are developed using the Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System. This complex system of intelligent analytics, testing and technology, further accelerates collaboration and brings you the most cutting-edge soybeans on the market. Our commitment to research and development means that you get the highest-performing seed every time.

Maximize Yields With Global Innovation and Local Service

Even in a more globalized ag environment, you need services and solutions that are close to home. While Syngenta taps into genetics and research expertise from around the world to create new hybrids and varieties, NK retailers and agronomists offer local expertise to help you increase return on investment.


Tim Main
Galesburg, IL

Tim Main

“The seed is very reputable and the company has been really good to work with over the years helping place varieties, select varieties and work through some of those management decisions.”

Grant Strom
Brimfield, IL

Grant Strom

“Over the last three years, NK soybeans have had the largest percentage growth on our farm. I started out trying a couple varieties. They worked out well, so we built from there. Now it’s one of the mainstays of our soybean production.”

Rob DeFauw
Geneseo, IL

Rob DeFauw

“I’ve been using NK soybean varieties since I started back in 2014. My father-in-law has been growing NK soybeans for several years now and he just rants and raves about how much he likes them, so I figured I’d better learn for myself. NK soybeans have good stand and excellent yield potential as well.”

Ryan Larson
Grower and Retailer
Blooming Prairie, MN

Ryan Larson

“We’ve been planting NK soybeans for approximately 10 years now. It seems over that period, NK has always had good, solid varieties that fit our soil types and our management systems. They’ve always been very, very consistent yielding versus competitor products.”


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How the naming system works
  • A "S" indicates NK soybeans.
  • B Indicates maturity group (0-7)
  • C Indicates within group maturity rating on a 0-9 scale (0 = early, 9 = late)
  • D Randomly designated letter and number
  • E Denotes herbicide technology - L = LibertyLink®; X = Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® technology.


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