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AgriEdge® is more than a whole-farm management program—it is a solution that empowers you to make faster, data-driven decisions. Our technology platform helps you drive better yields and maximize potential returns on investment. You can count on our proven, integrated tools with innovative product choices and trusted on-farm service to help you turn agronomics into economics.

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Data-Driven Decisions Help Boost Farm Profits

Learn how to maximize profits in specialty and row crops. Watch the Videos.

Driving Profit Potential with Digital Solutions

Syngenta works every day to be your agronomic solutions innovator, digital confidant and sustainability partner. Read More.

Making Cents of Agronomics

With AgriEdge, growers can create budgets, prepare for in-season costs, and find the balance between highest possible yield and maximum profit potential. Learn More.

Certified AgriEdge Partners Go Above and Beyond

AgriEdge growers get support from their retailers, in addition to Syngenta Digital and their AgriEdge specialists. Read More.

Advocating for Better Rural Broadband

To maximize the benefits of digital applications, farmers need quick, reliable data both online and out in the field. Read More.

The Product Plus Approach With FarmShots

With retail partners, Syngenta provides customer-branded imagery solutions, which puts the relationship between retailer and grower at the forefront. Learn More.

Newest Crop of Farmer-Facing Programs

AgriClime gives retailers the ability to make the best agronomic recommendation for growers and instill confidence in that decision. Learn More.

Power Through Ag Uncertainty with Data-Driven Decisions

Using data to support decisions during challenging times can help alleviate uncertainty by pinpointing inefficiencies and maximizing productivity. Read the Article.

Using Agricultural Data to Drive Sustainability

To gain valuable insights and share sustainability strategies and improvements, agribusiness companies must make a concerted effort to champion data security. Read the Article.

The Economics of Agronomics

In times when margins are tight, the economic well-being of most growers and their families depends on making strategic agronomic decisions. After over 40 years on his South Georgia farm, Franz Rowland is familiar with overcoming challenges. Read More.

Syngenta Expands Sustainability Tracking

Integration of the Cool Farm Tool with the AgriEdge cloud-based software will help farmers link field-level sustainability to the supply chain. Read the Article.

Syngenta and Ram Trucks help farmers enhance productivity

The AgriEdge whole-farm program that combines secure data management and innovative product choices for every crop is now included in the Ram AgPack. Read the Article.

Truterra, LLC and Syngenta collaborate to support growers with cutting-edge stewardship advancement capabilities

Truterra Insights Engine by Truterra and robust data analytics from AgriEdge will make stewardship more accessible and streamlined for U.S. growers to benefit the entire food value chain. Read More.

2020 AgriEdge Grower Overview

AgriEdge empowers you to make better, faster decisions. View Now.

Syngenta extends partnership with Ram Trucks to help farmers enhance productivity through AgriEdge

Ram AgPack gives farmers access to exclusive Syngenta farm management program. Read More.

Syngenta Expands Sustainability Tracking Integrations

AgriEdge® helps customers maximize and sustain their return on investment, expanding their capabilities with new and updated integrations with leading sustainability measurement tools. Read More.

Data Can Benefit the Entire Value Chain

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions is working to connect the entire value chain and promote advances in modern agriculture. See How.

Syngenta Launches New Mobile App

Syngenta recently launched a new and improved iOS mobile app for their record-keeping software available to AgriEdge growers. Read More.

Focused Use of Farm Data Yields Better Results

Knowing which data to pay attention to is an important part of using digital technology to improve farm productivity. Growers who streamline their data collection and maintain quality control can more easily turn data into results. Read More.

New Digital Tools Require Careful Evaluation

Before adopting any new digital tool, Syngenta puts it through a rigorous proof of concept with feedback from its many stakeholders. Read More.

AgriEdge From Syngenta Integrates More Recommendation Tools

AgriEdge supports integrations from the recommendation tool of Echelon by Nutrien Ag Solutions, allowing growers using AgriEdge to pull recommendations from trusted advisers in directly. View Now.

Striving for Broader Broadband in Agriculture

For agriculture, broadband access becomes more essential all the time. Read the Article.

AgriEdge Integrates Simplot Advisor Recommendation Tool

Syngenta and Simplot Grower Solutions are working together to increase efficiencies for growers through software integration. Read the Article.

Syngenta Boosts Technology Offerings

Syngenta is boosting its investment and offers in agricultural technology with its acquisition of Cropio Group. Read the Article.

AgriEdge: Proven. Trusted. Secure.

AgriEdge is a comprehensive resource for the ever-changing needs of growers everywhere. View Now.

AgriEdge Brochure

Our technology platform is a comprehensive resource for the ever-changing needs of growers everywhere, helping drive better yields and achieve greater potential returns on investment. View Now.

FarmShots Sell Sheet

Keeping track of plant health and in-field issues is hard. FarmShots monitors every row on your farms so you never miss an opportunity to make a good agronomic decision. View Now.

Syngenta partners with Ram Trucks to help farmers enhance productivity through AgriEdge

Syngenta has teamed up with Ram Trucks to help U.S. farmers overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. AgriEdge is now included in the Ram AgPack, a unique collaboration of several agricultural organizations dedicated to delivering U.S. farmers a competitive edge. See How.

Digital Technology Is Transforming Ag Production Practices

Even before digital agriculture was a hot topic in the industry, Syngenta established AgriEdge, the whole-farm management program that helps growers enhance productivity in an unbiased way. For more than a decade, growers enrolled in the program have had access to cloud-based data and record-keeping software. See How.

Industry Collaboration Results in Greater Transparency

Syngenta, Kellogg Company and The Nature Conservancy ran an award-winning program tracking and highlighting sustainable farming efforts in Michigan. Read More.

Syngenta Acquires FarmShots™, High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Innovator

Farmshots™ high-resolution satellite imagery helps reduce field scouting by as much as 90 percent and helps them focus on areas of need by accurately spotting field issues caused by planter skips, emergence, insect feeding, plant nutrition, disease, weeds, and more. Read More.

Data Can Boost Efficiency and Crop Marketability

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions benchmarks data that helps growers demonstrate their progress with environmental stewardship and tell their story of sustainable farming. See How.

Syngenta Partners With Premier Crop Systems

Syngenta and Premier Crop Systems, LLC, have announced a commercial partnership to bring growers customized, variable-cost-per-bushel analysis maps—the first of this kind. Enhanced Learning Blocks from Premier is now included in AgriEdge. Read More.

AgriEdge Farm Management From Syngenta

AgriEdge delivers software, on-farm service and innovative products. Listen to this 2017 Ag Media Summit interview with Stacey Shaw, Syngenta AgriEdge Specialist, to hear more about the programs focus on technology, service and risk management. Read the Article.

Syngenta’s AgriEdge is a Desired Data-Management Tool

AgriEdge goes beyond crop protection and seeds to help better educate farmers about the big picture of their operation in an easily digestible way. This whole-farm management tool empowers growers to make faster, data-driven decisions. Read the Article.

AgriEdge: Ease and Simplicity

Growers are required to keep up with countless inputs and data throughout the growing season. Data management software can help simplify the process to help growers make decisions, manage and track their operation’s every move. Watch Video.

AgriEdge: Proven Choice with Clear Benefits

AgriEdge and its data management software can help growers keep accurate and exact records for an improved return on investment, higher yields and higher profits. Watch Video.

AgriEdge: Improved Record Keeping

AgriEdge’s whole-farm management program helps growers understand their costs and profitability at a field level, easily report business partners and compliance needs and maintain farm records to help with lending decisions. Watch Video.

AgriEdge: Trusted and Secure

Syngenta does not analyze, aggregate, or data mine grower data unless requested or authorized by the grower. Growers can trust that their data is secure in our cloud-based software. Watch Video.

AgriEdge: Reliable and Personalized

Growers enrolled in the AgriEdge® whole-farm management program have trusted, localized support. Syngenta technical support is available to help growers better leverage the software. Watch Video.

AgriEdge: Deep Roots

Ag Connections was started in 1998 by Rick Murdock and Pete Clark. Their agricultural background gives them an insider’s look at what growers really need on their farm. Watch Video.

AgriEdge Excels

The Syngenta whole-farm management program combines secure data management, cutting-edge product choices and reliable on-farm service. See How.

Whole-Farm Management Program Empowers Retailers, Growers

AgriEdge management solutions provide valuable insights to growers using innovation to help solve complex business and farm management challenges. Read More.

Data Management Program is a Perfect Fit

Ag Connections designed the technology that drives the Syngenta whole-farm management program to meet a wide range of growers’ needs. See How.

Once Harvest Ends, Negotiations and Planning Begin

Growers looking ahead to next season should consider software to help with negotiations and planning. Read More.

The Leading Edge

AgriEdge has grown to more than 10.5 million acres across the U.S. More than 95 percent of enrolled growers are maximizing their profit potential with AgriEdge sustainable agriculture and whole-farm solutions with powerful data technology. Read More.

AgriEdge Provides a Strong Support System

AgriEdge® specialists provide personalized, on-farm support whenever needed to help growers utilize the whole-farm management program to make faster, data-driven decisions. Read More.

AgriEdge supports profitable, sustainable farming

AgriEdge helps growers bring their results to life. Watch Video.

AgriEdge Provides a Platform for Success

Evaluate the past and prepare for the future. Watch Video.

Why AgriEdge reporting is easier than ever

A whole-farm approach helps growers keep everything on track. Watch Video.

AgriEdge sets growers up for success

Keep track of each and every acre with AgriEdge. Watch Video.

Joining forces with AgriEdge

Syngenta provides growers with a partner they can rely on. Watch Video.

Telling the Sustainability Story with AgriEdge

It’s imperative that growers are able to tell their sustainability story. Sustainability helps lead to profitability and maintaining a healthy farm operation year after year. Watch Video.

Sustainability by the Numbers

Metrics from the AgriEdge program help farmers market crops to companies trying to minimize their environmental footprint. Read More.

Managing With Metrics

A program that measures costs and captures other key farm data helps growers build more productive, profitable operations. See How.
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