AgriEdge® offers you the resources you need for the best chance at a successful harvest, season after season. Maximize efficiency and minimize risk with integrated crop planning, trusted prescription recommendations and access to a complete portfolio of cutting-edge seed and crop protection products.

Smart Planning

Our whole-farm management software, paired with resellers’ knowledge, allows you to create integrated crop plans on a field-by-field basis. In an ever-changing market, we provide you with flexible tools to build a solid foundation for success.

Solutions Built For Forward-Thinking Growers Like You

AgriEdge specialists and Syngenta agronomists provide expert recommendations, insights and data-driven prescriptions with flexible choices for any crop on any farm. With an exciting pipeline of new solutions across the board, you can trust our top-of-the-line agronomic solutions to help enhance crop quality and increase yields.

Broad Portfolio of Products

Through AgriEdge, specialists and resellers offer an integrated approach with a broad portfolio including seed, seed treatments, crop protection and post-harvest products from Syngenta and other suppliers to address yield-limiting factors throughout the year and provide an agronomic road map to maximize potential. From the most advanced traits and genetics to the latest chemicals, AgriEdge growers have access to reliable products that meet any field's needs.

“It’s very useful that you can enter any product. There is an amazing database. Even if I come across a product that isn’t in there, I can make a phone call and usually within four hours, it’s available.”

Danny Parker, Missouri

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The Economics of Agronomics

In times when margins are tight, the economic well-being of most growers and their families depends on making strategic agronomic decisions. After over 40 years on his South Georgia farm, Franz Rowland is familiar with overcoming challenges. Read More.

AgriEdge Brochure

Our technology platform is a comprehensive resource for the ever-changing needs of growers everywhere, helping drive better yields and achieve greater potential returns on investment. View Now.

The Leading Edge

AgriEdge has grown to more than 10.5 million acres across the U.S. More than 95 percent of enrolled growers are maximizing their profit potential with AgriEdge sustainable agriculture and whole-farm solutions with powerful data technology. Read More.
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