A trusted partnership between Syngenta field personnel and retailers provides additional sales support through joint promotions and a complementary platform to promote AgriEdge® services. Growers will benefit from field-level profitability analysis, unique cost-share opportunities, risk mitigation offers in crop production and competitive financing for Syngenta crop inputs.

Increase Profitability Potential

Easily accessible profitability measurement and analysis with field-by-field monitoring help you identify individual areas where profit margins may be increased.

Save Time and Money

Inputting data is simple and efficient. Spend less time in front of a computer or logbook and more time in the field. Use prescription planning and comprehensive monitoring to know when and how much product to apply so you can manage with confidence.

Cost-Share Opportunities

Qualify for the AgriEdge program by satisfying a minimum farm spend on Syngenta brand products. Growers may earn financing on eligible Syngenta seed, crop protection and Seed Care brands exclusively through the AgriEdge program.

Build a Foundation of Sustainable Agriculture

Leverage technology to capture the value of sustainable farming practices. Collect data, analyze trends and generate reports to meet the needs of business partners and assist with your freedom to operate.

“The whole goal of the [AgriEdge] program for my customers was to make them more aware of their bottom line and make better financial decisions."

Andy Johnson, Iowa

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AgriEdge: Improved Record Keeping

AgriEdge’s whole-farm management program helps growers understand their costs and profitability at a field level, easily report business partners and compliance needs and maintain farm records to help with lending decisions. Watch Video.

Focused Use of Farm Data Yields Better Results

Knowing which data to pay attention to is an important part of using digital technology to improve farm productivity. Growers who streamline their data collection and maintain quality control can more easily turn data into results. Read More.

Syngenta’s AgriEdge is a Desired Data-Management Tool

AgriEdge goes beyond crop protection and seeds to help better educate farmers about the big picture of their operation in an easily digestible way. This whole-farm management tool empowers growers to make faster, data-driven decisions. Read the Article.
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