From planting to harvest and every step between, Syngenta is here for you. You can trust our dedicated team for personalized support, serving you on the farm, on the phone and on the web, to help you match the platform to the needs of your operation.

Collaborative, Personalized Service

  • Dedicated on-farm support from Syngenta AgriEdge® specialists
  • Trusted web- and phone-based technical support from the AgriEdge support team

What to Expect From the AgriEdge Support Team:

  • Software set-up, training and season-long technical support via telephone, email and web tutorials
  • Software expertise with farm experience and familiarity

What to Expect From AgriEdge Specialists:

  • Regional expertise
  • Agronomic recommendations and crop plans
  • Product support on seed, crop protection and seed treatments
  • Software set-up, training and season-long support
  • Analytics and reports to support farm management decisions
Syngenta Digital (270) 435-4369

7 a.m. – 6 p.m. CST

7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST

“The AgriEdge specialists that we’ve worked with have been great. There’s an open line at all times, and that’s a huge benefit of this program. I’m not on my own, trying to figure something out.”

Mike Giannini, California

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AgriEdge: Reliable and Personalized

Growers enrolled in the AgriEdge® whole-farm management program have trusted, localized support. Syngenta technical support is available to help growers better leverage the software. Watch Video.

Whole-Farm Management Program Empowers Retailers, Growers

AgriEdge management solutions provide valuable insights to growers using innovation to help solve complex business and farm management challenges. Read More.

AgriEdge Provides a Strong Support System

AgriEdge® specialists provide personalized, on-farm support whenever needed to help growers utilize the whole-farm management program to make faster, data-driven decisions. Watch Video.
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