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Cody's story

Keeping the tradition alive

To Cody Carpenter farming isn’t just a job, it is a way of life.

“I grew up around agriculture,” Cody says. “Being raised in agriculture, I developed a passion towards it and it really grabbed interest. That’s why I farm – I’ve seen my elders succeed and enjoy it. It’s a great lifestyle.”​​​​​​​

For the past nine years Cody and his uncle have worked the land on his farm, CX2 Ag Producers, in Southern Colorado, growing 1,320 acres of potatoes and barley annually. As his uncle nears retirement, Cody and his wife have been faced with an ever growing list of responsibilities. To ease the struggle, Cody looked towards the AgriEdge program.​​​​​​​

A change for the better

It all started in 2016 when Cody consulted with John Bernens, a Syngenta AgriEdge Specialist, for guidance. Cody’s farm had utilized Syngenta products for years, but he had never considered enrolling in AgriEdge.

All it took was one conversation to have him hooked.

“We were investing in Syngenta products anyway, and now we have this incredible farm data software, Land.db®, available to us. It’s incredible and I really don’t want to go a year without it now,” Cody says.

Before then, Cody says they tried a slew of other programs to keep organized and optimize efficiency, but they all fell short.

“I felt we were always onto something with using other programs, but it just wasn’t perfect,” Cody notes. “With Land.db all the answers and all the things I tried to make my old software do are there. It’s developed and engineered so that I can customize it to my farming operation.”

Since the switch, production goals on the CX2 Ag Producers farm have changed for the better. Cody contributes this success mostly to the program itself but he also recognizes the ripple effect it has had on his farm. With the increase in efficiency, he is better able to manage other aspects of the operation, such as risk management and crop yield.

“My expectations as a farmer have been heightened. I really do expect to see yield numbers go up because that efficacy is present. We know what we are applying and there is no guessing anymore because it is all documented and I can reference it at the time of application,” Cody says. “I expect better numbers and I expect our farm to be even more efficient because the guessing-game is over. We know what we are doing with this program.”

Additionally, the positive impact has also affected his personal life. Cody says that due to the increase in productivity, he now spends less time inputting data at the end of the day. That valuable time can instead be spent with his wife and

Quality to count on

“I expect better numbers and I expect our farm to be even more efficient because the guessing-game is over. We know what we are doing with this program,” Cody says.
Looking forward, Cody is excited for the seasons to come. With AgriEdge, much of the burden of data management has been lifted from his shoulders. While that doesn’t mean he won’t go through troubled times, Cody is confident that this program will help pave the way for a more successful future.

“AgriEdge provides sustainability and it aids in risk management. I think it will make every farm more efficient. It can help us weather the storm and surface through those waves.”

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