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Franz's Story

3,000 acres; Cotton, Peanuts

Boston, Georgia


Strong values

Personal connections are important to Franz Rowland, as is the trust that strengthens them. In many ways, these values help sustain his farm. Two of Rowland’s grandchildren, Devin and Austin, help him manage his 3,000-acre cotton and peanut operation. Additionally, he often works with his oldest son Daniel, who runs a separate operation nearby. Daniel is always happy to share equipment with his father, and to help him in the field when he needs it.

Rowland works hard, but he credits the success of his farm to the help of his son and grandchildren, and to the unwavering support of his wife.

“I’ve said sometimes working with your family is the hardest thing in the world to do, but we’ve made it work,” Rowland says. “I’m mighty proud of that.”

Meeting challenges with innovation

Although Rowland and his family look out for each other, times have been tough recently.

“It’s been a long time since it’s been this tough to make a dollar on the farm,” Rowland says.

Until 2019, his entire farming operation was dedicated to growing cotton, but the decline in cotton prices and the damage left by two hurricanes have encouraged him to embrace new methods and technologies. In addition to diversifying his crop, Rowland has started using the whole-farm management software offered by the AgriEdge® partnership.

“I can access reports and pull up anything on any field, at any time,” he says.

However, Rowland isn’t just interested in the technology; he appreciates the reliability and customer service that goes along with the partnership and the Syngenta product portfolio.

“I’ve never used a Syngenta product that didn’t do what the label said,” he says.

Unmatched service

The AgriEdge team has won Rowland’s trust through steady, committed customer service.

“Syngenta not only has good products, they have good folks working for them,” Rowland says.

His Syngenta sales representative introduced him to the program’s robust farm management software, and AgriEdge continues to offer measured, practical advice.

“Before I apply chemicals, we work together to figure out the best way to go without compromising my yield,” Rowland says.

Going forward, Rowland is eager to continue working with Syngenta and his AgriEdge specialist to help drive higher yields and preserve his land for future generations. With the support of his family, and the assistance of the AgriEdge team, he’s prepared for the challenges to come.