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Logan's Story


Findlay, Ohio


Plan ahead with confidence

Each winter, Logan Haake sits down with growers from across the region, and together they dive deep into each farm’s data from the previous season to use as a foundation to plan for the upcoming year. Haake understands the profound importance of optimizing farming practices as the cornerstone for building long-term agronomic success. As the Ag Products Manager for Legacy Farms Cooperative in rural Northwest Ohio, Haake works closely with growers to find ways to boost productivity in various ways – often in partnership with the AgriEdge® team.

Alongside his customers, he uses the AgriEdge software and its record-keeping capabilities to review last season’s crop protection and seed programs, along with crop health data and yield totals to determine a customized action plan for spring planting.

“AgriEdge has the flexibility to be tailored to your operation,” Haake says. “I use AgriEdge myself, and I also recommend it to Legacy Farms Cooperative customers.” He emphasizes that AgriEdge helps his customers take charge of their own agronomic and economic success, as well as plan ahead for weather and other challenges, based on their own personal farm data.

Enabling a Partnership for the Long-Haul

Haake is always looking for new ways to support his customers and add value to their bottom line, and he credits AgriEdge for having features that save him time and help build stronger relationships with them.

“Every operation is a little bit different,” says Haake. “With AgriEdge, we have the opportunity to look at the record-keeping aspect, the budgeting tool for growers that want to maximize net return, as well as the satellite imagery and sustainability piece. So AgriEdge as a whole gives a wide variety of options for growers.”

AgriEdge offers sustainability reporting that helps Haake and his customers build, maintain and measure the impact of their sustainable field practices. While many growers are interested in increasing stewardship on their farms, AgriEdge makes this data accessible and easy to measure for personal records and compliance reporting.

“AgriEdge gives [me] the opportunity to become a partner with the grower,” Haake says. “Not only developing the plan, but also being a part of the recording keeping, being on the farm, showing the value of all Syngenta products.” Haake reiterates that, at the end of the day, AgriEdge offers a unique cost-sharing opportunity between Syngenta and individual operations. As a retailer, Haake and his team can maximize their profitability and yield potential while at the same time helping their growers optimize their return potential from using Syngenta products. Haake explains that around harvest, that bottom line looks good to growers.

Give it a shot

In his past few years of using AgriEdge both personally and with his customers, Haake encourages retailers and growers alike to try out the platform for themselves.

AgriEdge provides more advantages for retailers than grower bundle programs. “You can select the right product for that acre and not have to worry about matching up for a rebate in a bundle program,” he says. It allows retailers to tailor their recommendations to maximize profitability and ultimately have a cost-share opportunity for utilizing Syngenta products.

Haake encourages retailers interested in AgriEdge to call their local AgriEdge specialist or Syngenta representative to provide more detail on AgriEdge offerings for their operation. Specialists will also be able to bring the conversation with growers full circle. “Growers that are considering AgriEdge: Give it a try.” Haake says. “There are so many different options and opportunities that would fit their operation.”