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Tony's Story

1,550 acres; Cotton, Corn

Bryan, Texas


Record Keeping Made Easier

Managing logistics for a large operation that spans multiple crops as well as livestock can get complicated, and fast.

That’s why Tony Varisco, a third-generation farmer in Bryan, Texas, has relied on the AgriEdge® partnership for more than 15 years. AgriEdge helps him track all his farm’s inputs, make sound financial decisions and stay compliant with state and federal requirements, all without taking too much of his time.

Everything in one place

In addition to growing cotton, corn, milo, and hay, and raising cattle, Varisco works with his wife Judy to monitor prices by inputting all of their invoices into the software offered by AgriEdge. This helps them understand price differences by chemical and retailer so they can make the best purchasing decisions.

“It's interesting to look back and see what I was doing and what chemicals we were using,” says Varisco. “If you look back at more recent years, I like to look and see all of the chemicals that we're using and the prices. The field record keeping, as far as inputting the invoices, helps keep track of prices.”

Varisco is close with the AgriEdge support team, whom he credits with being accessible and quick to help him solve problems. When he implements new programs it’s important to him that records are transferred correctly, and he trusts the AgriEdge team to have his back.

Confidently compliant

Thanks to easy access of many years of data, Varisco knows he is following state regulatory guidelines and can quickly provide documents if requested.

“AgriEdge is very helpful with keeping records,” he explains. “In case we're audited we’ve got the information for all our applications that we're required to keep up with.”

Additionally, the software offered by AgriEdge greatly simplifies mandatory acreage reporting, such as tracking planting dates and which crops are planted on each acre.

Varisco uses his AgriEdge records to print maps of each field and collect all the relevant information required. Now, instead of spending an entire day in the Farm Service Agency office, he simply drops off a three-ring binder and goes back to farming.

“It works pretty easy that way, and it’s a whole lot more convenient than a whole day in the office!”