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Warren's Story

2,500 acres; Cotton, Soybeans, Rice

Oak Ridge, Louisiana


Organized for Success

Farming is a complicated business, especially when you’re managing multiple crops across thousands of acres. Just ask 3rd generation farmer Robert Warren.

Warren grows cotton, corn, soybeans and rice with his family on RTD Farms in Louisiana, and he’s trusted AgriEdge® partnership since 2003 to help him stay on top of it all.

The exclusive farm management software offered by AgriEdge allows growers to input data quickly and have their operational information in one convenient, secure place. Warren finds this record-keeping ability particularly valuable. He faithfully tracks all inputs down to the weather conditions in which they were applied, then matches each input with financial statements. Having everything together and easily trackable helps him stay organized and strategic.

“When I'm budgeting for the next year, I can pull up all my inputs and applications,” Warren says. “It's a wealth of information, and it's an easy way to keep up with records. Then they're readily available anytime I need them from year to year.”

Recordkeeping with Results

These comprehensive records give Warren peace of mind that he is following land stewardship best practices, and with AgriEdge, he has the records to prove it. With its extensive reporting and mapping, AgriEdge provides regulatory compliance and supply chain transparency. Warren likes the ability to track EPA numbers on all products and document that he’s following all regulations, and having an easily accessible database.

“Instead of a whole bookshelf full of product labels, I can enter a product in that program and bring up the whole label,” Warren says. “It’s not only Syngenta's product, it’s anybody's product. Anything that I want to find out I can find out through the software, and that's been very beneficial.”

The AgriEdge software tracks, measures and analyzes each acre for profitability. Warren likes that with AgriEdge he can see the impact of inputs and make an informed decision on whether to use them again.

“It becomes a positive effect on my bottom line,” Warren says. “With AgriEdge, you can watch and control your inputs so you're not just spending money.”

Warren acknowledges that a big challenge for growers is producing more yield on the same amount of land to keep up with increasing populations. AgriEdge helps growers get the most bang for their buck and determine how to increase yield potential with new products and varieties.

And since he doesn’t need to spend extra time worrying about record keeping, Warren can focus on the things that are most important to him – farming and family.

“I'm a hands-on kind of guy,” he sums up. “I'm on a tractor every day, and I don't have a lot of time to do a lot of the books and whatnot. AgriEdge makes it simple.”