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Peanut Disease and Fungicide Programs for Your Field

Get the most out of your peanut program with the Peanut Doctor, Wilson Faircloth, Ph.D.

Diagnose Your Toughest Peanut Problems

With our powerful portfolio of products and unmatched field expertise, we help growers to fight common peanut diseases more effectively — and maximize yield potential. Explore our resources to overcome your toughest peanut-growing obstacles.

Disease Threats

Superior Disease Control for Unrivaled Plant Health

Untreated crops

Preventive fungicide applications are the best way to protect your peanut crops from common diseases like white mold, early and late leaf spot, Rhizoctonia and more.

Treated crops

Treated with Elatus®
Proactive planning and early-season fungicide applications are essential to minimize disease impact and protect yield potential in your peanut crops.

Insect Threats

Meet the Peanut Doctor

Wilson Faircloth, Ph.D.

Wilson Faircloth, Ph.D., brings his agronomic expertise to the Peanut Doctor video series, giving growers the top tips and tricks to help to grow the highest quality peanut crops.

From disease challenges to insects and beyond, this series provides information on best practices to help maximize the potential of peanuts.

Watch the Latest Videos

Browse the videos below to find information specific to the agronomic challenge you are facing.


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