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Season-Long Insect and Disease Control for Tree Nut Orchards

Explore insecticide and fungicide treatment options that deliver research-backed efficacy, greater residual control and increased marketable yield potential for almonds, pistachios and more.

Protect Plant Health

Protect tree nuts from damaging disease while boosting overall plant health. Learn about common disease threats, view performance data and find the fungicide solution that’s right for your orchard.

Act Against Insects

Defend your orchards from even the most challenging pests with insecticide solutions that go the extra mile. Explore common pests and prevention methods, learn how to optimize your pest management program and more.

Disease Threats

Superior Disease Control for Unrivaled Plant Health

Untreated Almond

Preventive fungicide applications are the best way to protect your tree nut orchards from disease. Once disease is visible, it’s often too late to prevent excessive damage.

Treated Almond

Healthy Trees From Root to Fruit
Proactive planning and early-season fungicide applications are essential to minimize disease impact and protect yield potential.

TAlmond Leaf Rust

Almond Leaf Rust
Caused by the Tranzschelia discolor fungus, leaf rust is characterized by small yellow spots on the leaf surface with reddish-brown pustules on the underside.

Hull Rot

Hull Rot
Infections caused by the Monilinia pathogen show brown areas on the outside of the hull and tan fungal growth on either the inside or outside, while infections caused by Rhizopus show a powdery black growth on the inside of the hull.

A Season-Long Plan for Lasting Disease Control

Keeping almond trees healthy every year is no small feat, but with the right disease management plan in place, your trees can grow strong and yield strong every season. This interactive infographic shows how our strategic fungicides solutions can help protect your trees – and your profit potential – from dormancy to harvest.

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Insect Threats

Infected Almond

Don’t Just Control NOW

California tree nuts face differing pest pressures each year, and the ones taking the biggest bite from your yield must take priority. A planned approach is essential to control pests and combat resistance.

  • Status-quo management programs that control a singular pest, like navel orangeworm (NOW), won’t deliver your highest marketable yield potential if your field faces insect pressures on all fronts.
  • Pests like spider mites, peach twig borer, leaffooted plant bug and codling moth can cause significant economic impact to tree nut crops, especially alongside NOW. Using multiple modes of action can decrease insecticide resistance pressure.
  • For higher tree nut yield potential with better quality, create a plan to manage a broad-spectrum of insect threats.
Healthy Almond

Broad-Spectrum Insect Control, All Season

A customized program approach to season-long insect control ensures high-quality tree nuts with greater yield potential. You are the expert in your orchard – you know what optimal timing and ideal formulation looks like for the pests in your crop.

  • Insecticide applications perform at their highest efficacy, with the most efficiency, when timed to control the multiple pests your orchard faces.
  • A single pest shouldn’t dictate a pest control program when overlapping pest populations threaten to diminish your harvest.
  • A management plan with flexibility allows you to target insects before they cause costly damage.
  • Deliver more efficiency for fewer rejected nuts and a higher profit potential at harvest with proven insecticides that allow customizable control of pests in almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

Proven Performance

Browse the data below to see how our products perform in tree nut orchards like yours.



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