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Discover how Enogen feed can fit into your operation


Enogen corn hybrids are managed just like any other elite high-yielding corn hybrid. By combining breeding traits, we produced a significant range of hybrids adapted for different environments and growing conditions

Alpha Amylase

Enogen corn contains a highly efficient alpha amylase enzyme that helps ruminants like cattle to better unlock the available energy from each corn kernel by converting the starch and glycogen into simple sugars. Alpha amylase is more convenient and efficient in starch conversion than add-in amylase enzymes and does not affect any other factors of the corn grain, including oil, protein, and starch content.


The Enogen corn portfolio is built on the AgrisureTM trait platform from Syngenta, so you can select the combination of traits and agronomic characteristics you need to help manage production challenges and protect the genetic yield potential of your crop.

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