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Even Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds Won't Come Back from this One

Using an all-star formulation for better weed resistance management, Flexstar® GT 3.5 herbicide targets and manages challenging weeds, even those resistant to glyphosate and ALS-inhibitors.

Product Details

Flexstar GT 3.5 Herbicide

A key partner in a full-season integrated weed management plan, Flexstar GT 3.5 herbicide promotes the use of two different sites of action. When used in a two-pass system with an effective preemergence herbicide, it can provide overlapping residuals to help prevent or delay herbicide resistance.

Active Ingredients:

Glyphosate, Sodium Salt of Fomesafen

Resistance Management:

Label Details

Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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      Product Benefits

      • Combines 2 leading active ingredients – fomesafen and glyphosate – with different sites of action for weed resistance management
      • Contains Isolink® II Technology, a patented formulation designed to optimize the systematic activity of glyphosate and the contact activity of fomesafen
      • Removes the competition of problem grass and broadleaf weeds, to help preserve yields
      • Manages weeds that are difficult to control with glyphosate alone
      • Provides early-season residual control and excellent crop safety
      • Can follow a properly timed preemergence herbicide application of Boundary® 6.5 EC, BroadAxe® XC or Sequence® herbicides
      • Widens the post-emergence application window, manages resistance and helps maximize soybean yield potential when used as part of a 2-pass system

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