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Southern wheat growers appreciate a wider application window with Miravis® Ace fungicide from Syngenta

GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, April 23, 2020 – Growers looking to get a head start on Fusarium head blight could find relief with Miravis® Ace fungicide from Syngenta based on the performance results from 2019.

First available during the 2019 growing season, Miravis Ace widens the application window, allowing applications as early as 50% head emergence up to flowering. This flexibility, combined with proven disease control, helps maximize yield potential despite some of Mother Nature’s biggest threats.

Wheat grower Luke Shore of Shore Brothers Dairy in Yadkinville, North Carolina, chose Miravis Ace in 2019. “Our big reason to go with Miravis Ace was the timing; the window for usage was a lot broader,” he said. 

Miravis Ace is a convenient premix that combines propiconazole and Adepidyn® technology – the first and only molecule with an SDHI mode of action available for head scab control. The results were noticeable for Shore.

“When we started cutting wheat, we were starting off with over 63 pounds, and I’ve never seen wheat test weight that high around here,” he said. “Our applicator couldn’t apply all the way to the edge, so I knew if we wouldn’t have sprayed Miravis Ace, we wouldn’t have had a wheat crop. I have no doubt about that.”

Miravis Ace enables growers to:
  • Make on-time head scab applications and cover more acres
  • Maximize yield potential by protecting the main heads and tillers
  • Better preserve grain quality 
“Head scab pressure can vary year to year depending on the weather, so it can be difficult to predict,” said Eric Tedford, Syngenta fungicide technical lead. “Miravis Ace is a valuable tool for growers going into 2020 because it takes the stress out of treating for head scab by giving them more time to spray and protect their crops.”

Multiple years of Syngenta and third-party field trials have confirmed the ability of Miravis Ace to protect wheat yield and quality when applied early. In 13 out of 15 field trials in 2018 that compared Miravis Ace to older fungicides at both 50% head emergence and flowering, Miravis Ace provided improved disease control and yield results1. Specifically: 
  • At 50% head-emergence timing2, Miravis Ace averaged 77.2 bushels per acre (bu/A) and a deoxynivalenol (DON) level of 3.1, compared to 71.6 bu/A and a DON level of 5 with a competitive fungicide
  • At flowering timing, Miravis Ace averaged 78 bu/A and a DON level of 2, compared to 73.5 bu/A and a DON level of 2.4 with a competitive fungicide 

Pictures taken 29 DAT. Application date: May 3. Timing: Feekes 10.5.1. Variety P26R59.
A trial conducted by the University of Tennessee. Jackson, Tennessee; 2018

Zeb Saunders, a retailer with Nutrien Ag Solutions in Yadkinville, North Carolina, agreed the application flexibility of Miravis Ace is key. “With Miravis Ace having the 10-day window instead of just 72 hours, that changes a lot of dynamics on whether you can spray it with a ground rig or whether you’ve got to have a helicopter lined up,” Saunders said. “It certainly alleviates some pressure getting across the acre.”

For more information about Miravis Ace, visit or talk to your local Syngenta sales representative. Join the conversation online – connect with Syngenta at

1 FAD150A3-2018US. All trials resulted in statistically significant differences between treatments. 15 trials across 11 states.
2 Competitive brands may not be labeled for use at 50% head emergence, and no recommendation or suggestion for use at this timing is being made. Data is intended solely for comparison at this application timing with Miravis Ace, which is labeled for use as early as 50% head emergence. 

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