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Investing in R&D

Innovating when farmers need it most.

Commodity prices have yet to rebound to levels seen five years ago. That’s why now more than ever, farmers need to be focused on ROI.

Seed choice is the most important decision affecting ROI that a farmer will make each year. Our Golden Harvest® Seed and NK® Seed brands offer high-quality corn and soybean seeds to maximize their return. With a diverse portfolio of the latest genetics and Agrisure® trait technologies, farmers have many high-performing options to meet their agronomic needs.

Agrisure® trait technologies are also offered through Greenleaf Genetics®, allowing independent seed producers to help their customers improve ROI.

Sustainable innovation in both traits and genetics is necessary to keep farmers profitable. This means Syngenta is taking a long view when investing capital back into its seed business.

In the next few years, an additional $400 million will be added to what Syngenta already invests in research and development for U.S. Seeds. Syngenta will also increase the number of plant breeders by approximately 50%, and product-lead selectors by nearly 40%. In corn alone, these investments will nearly double the output of new hybrids each year.

Syngenta has also shortened its seed development process by two full years. This allows new products to come to market faster than ever before.

In addition, Syngenta is pursuing more possibilities for seed innovation through gene editing, genetic engineering and other breeding techniques. Because the company is passionate about helping farmers improve their ROI and remain profitable.

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