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Product Innovation and Higher Yield Potential Are Driving Continued Growth for NK Seeds

New market data confirms NK Seeds is the fastest growing seed brand for 2019-2022

Still the fastest growing seed brand

New market data shows that NK Seeds is the nation’s fastest-growing seed brand for the past period of 2019-2022 — and we attribute this rapid growth to our ongoing, significant investments in R&D and product innovation, which are helping us continue to earn farmers’ acres.

After several years of continued growth, we continue to invest and innovate. Backed by the power of Syngenta Seeds, we’ve optimized our seed testing and development to reduce product development time by two or three years. This means that farmers now have a broad range of innovative products for their unique farm management and agronomic conditions.


More Consistency in Every Stalk

Andy Montgomery

“With a decade of game-changing investments under our belt, we’re bringing stronger corn genetics and herbicide traits and enhanced testing to the farm faster than ever,” says Andy Montgomery, Commercial Unit Head, NK Seeds. “Behind every NK® corn hybrid, farmers can trust that there’s an ever-growing team of breeders and innovation in pursuit of our strongest seed yet.”

Farmers are noticing more yield potential and more consistency in every stalk, due in part to the speed and precision of the NK Seeds corn pipeline, including:

  • Two times more breeding populations sampled with germplasm expansion
  • Two years faster product development time
  • 40% increase in precommercial hybrids with higher advancement standards
  • 4x improvement with faster and higher success of trait introgression
  • Expanded expertise with new discovery breeding group and upscale simulation platforms

In 2022, we introduced our sophomore Field Forged Series™ product lineup, which brought together our highest-performing seed, hand-selected for top performance. Across the Corn Belt, NK Seeds Field Forged products consistently outyielded competitors in 2021 harvest trials. And for the 2022 growing season, we’ve continued to pack high standards and proven results into every seed with 34 new corn hybrids and 14 Enlist E3® and 14 XtendFlex® soybean varieties.

“With harvest in full swing, farmers are reporting consistent yields from this year’s Field Forged products,” says Montgomery. “We’re not seeing any big yield swings, despite spotty issues from Tar Spot and other agronomic challenges.”


Proprietary Genetics and Leading Herbicide Traits: A Winning Combination


NK Seeds is the only seed provider to offer the most sought-after herbicide traits stacked on our own proprietary germplasm. This has allowed us to offer farmers a new level of weed control, including the industry’s first triple-stacked herbicide tolerance.

“More farmers are planting NK Seeds corn and soybean products for our field-proven agronomics with consistent performance,” says Montgomery. “This translates to greater flexibility and high-yielding trait technology in years like this one, when it matters most.”

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