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Success Matters

What matters to you matters to us.

At NK Seeds, our lineup is packed with the broadest range of leading technologies and fueled by global R&D from Syngenta — but it's inspired by you. And it all comes to life with our newly expanded field support teams who are ready to help you get the most out of your acres.

More Output From Your Inputs

In 2019, we opened our trait introgression facility as a $30 million investment toward bringing you NK hybrids and varieties faster than ever before. And with our gene-editing technology we make sure every product performs to your standards.

Instant Tailored Placement

Our Seed Analyzer tool is a realization of everything we stand for at NK. That’s getting the right seed on the right acre and guiding profitable decision-making with two decades of historical performance and precision data.

Limited Risk With Unlimited Value

We take a holistic approach to ensuring every seed works harder for you — with a smarter seed package supported by the teams and technology to keep risk down and profit potential up.

ear of corn on stalk
NK Corn

Our lineup features high-performing hybrids equipped with industry-leading Syngenta traits and crop protection solutions to fit your unique challenges.

NK Corn
soybean on vine.
NK Soybeans

Our soybean portfolio provides an unmatched combination of elite genetics and the industry's broadest selection of leading herbicide traits.

NK Soybeans

Our best seed joins a class of its own.

See for Yourself
2023 Seed Guide

Download our 2023 seed guide — or customize your own to include specific products and offerings.



AgriEdge® is a proven whole-farm program that combines secure data management across digital platforms and innovative product choices for every crop.

Enogen Feed

Help increase the efficiency of your feedlot or dairy operation by switching to Enogen® Feed hybrids.

Competitive Financing

Take advantage of seed financing offers, available through Rabo AgriFinace.

Enogen Fuel

The first biotech corn output trait designed for ethanol production, Enogen increases ROI potential.

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Agronomic News

"Know More, Grow More" a Syngenta agronomy blog, provides the latest agronomic insights and crop management advice. Browse our blog to read the latest insights from the field.

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