Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Syngenta, we believe growers can produce enough crops to meet the world’s growing demands for food, feed, fiber and fuel while safeguarding the environment for future generations. We have developed sustainability initiatives and commitments to encourage sustainable practices and innovation in agriculture.

Sustainability Initiatives

For more than a decade, Syngenta Sustainable Solutions has partnered with the value chain, trusted advisors and farmers to promote advances in modern agriculture, crop production transparency and in continuing with their freedom to operate.

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Measuring the Results

Every grower has a sustainability story to tell and Syngenta Sustainable Solutions offers different ways to frame that story. Data are important to the story – but we know that data collection doesn’t need to be hard.

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions offers two pathways to telling your sustainability story.

Both approaches allow growers to track and measure stewardship and conservation practices like nutrient management plans, soil health practice, resistance management plans, buffer zones and environmental efficiency indicators. Our data confidentiality pledge is essential to all of our digital technologies.

Cropwise Sustainability

Cropwise™ Sustainability and the Sustainable Outcomes in Agriculture Standard for a simple whole-farm self-assessment of your operation with an easy-to-use app. The simple tool prompts users to answer questions about their farm production practices, quickly calculates their sustainability leadership score, and shares actionable, farm-level insights and opportunities for improvement.

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Cropwise Financials

Cropwise Financials, available through AgriEdge® – a dedicated agribusiness partnership – offers a more detailed, field-level look at sustainability through standards like Cool Farm Tool by Cool Farm Alliance or the Field Print® Platform by Field to Market.

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Stories from the Field


“Syngenta has been a great partner, providing our growers with a proven tool that tracks sustainability outcomes. As a result, we’ve been able to align more closely with customer needs.”

Donna Isakson

Sales and Marketing Manager

United Sugars Corporation

Video: How Regenerative Agriculture Thrives at Moreland Farms

Matt Moreland

Moreland Farms

Medford, Oklahoma


“AgriEdge has made me a better steward of the land because I can now quickly say, ‘No, I’m at my maximum loads on that product, so I need to do something else’. Or ‘Wait a minute, I don’t need to apply this close together.’ I just really think there’s so much that I’ve gained from the AgriEdge technology and record keeping capabilities.”

Ned Hancock

AgriEdge Grower

Hancock Citrus Incorporated

Partnering for Impact

Syngenta Sustainable Solutions recognizes there are many different needs for measuring on-farm sustainability for the value chain. We work with our collaborators to identify the best methodologies to achieve their specific needs.

SAI Platform

New Sustainability Standard with SAI Equivalency

Syngenta, a Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform member, released the Sustainable Outcomes in Agriculture (SOA) standard through its Cropwise™ Sustainability app. The Standard has achieved Gold-level equivalency against SAI Platform’s FSA 3.0, the highest level of equivalency. Syngenta is the first agriculture input provider to launch a standard and to receive FSA 3.0 gold-equivalency. Through this benchmark, farmers, retailers and consumer packaged goods companies can make incremental progress on their sustainability journey.

The SAI Platform is a global not-for-profit organization helping to transform the food and drink industry to source and produce more sustainably. With over 150 members, they are at the forefront in pioneering sustainable agriculture around the world. SAI enables members to share expertise, create solutions to common challenges and promote sustainable agriculture in a pre-competitive environment. By developing tools and principles, they create secure and resilient agricultural supply chains.

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Cool Farm Alliance

Syngenta is a member of the Cool Farm Alliance, an industry platform for sustainable agriculture metric development and use. The Alliance’s mission is to enable millions of growers globally to make better informed on-farm decisions that reduce their environmental impact.

Alliance members include food retailers, manufacturers, input suppliers, NGOs, universities and consultancies. Syngenta offers simplified and secure access to the Cool Farm Tool, a sustainable agriculture assessment tool from the Cool Farm Alliance, to farmers though its digital platforms.

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Sustainability Consortium Logo

Supporting Sustainability of Consumer Goods: The Sustainability Consortium

Syngenta is a founding member of The Sustainability Consortium (TSC®). This global nonprofit organization is dedicated to transforming the consumer goods industry by improving the sustainability of consumer products. TSC offers a portfolio of tools and services to help drive effective implementation focused on the supply chain across the entire product lifecycle.

TSC represents 100+ of the world’s leading corporations and organizations working together to create precompetitive, cross-sector solutions. As a founding member, Syngenta has the opportunity to collaboratively learn about the issues and opportunities in consumer product sustainability, network with industry sustainability leaders and ultimately improve corporate social responsibility.

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Field to Market logo

Supporting Sustainability in the Supply Chain: Field to Market

Syngenta is a member of Field to Market®: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. This diverse coalition is working to create opportunities across the agricultural supply chain for continuous improvements in productivity, environmental quality and human well-being.

The Alliance provides collaborative leadership that is engaged in industry-wide dialogue, grounded in science, focused on outcomes and open to the full range of technology choices. As a member, Syngenta supports solutions for sustainability and continuous improvement in U.S. commodity agriculture through connectivity to the FieldPrint® Platform.

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Additional Resources

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Cropwise™ Sustainability Grower Sell-Sheet

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