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Kamren's Story

Sustainability, a tried and true tradition

With a deep-rooted history in American falls, Idaho, Klaren and Ken Koompin set out in 1974 to turn their family’s small farm into a booming operation that could sustain generations to come. Pouring countless hours of time and energy into their dream over the past 40 years has paid off. Today on Koompin Brothers farms, you’ll find 9,000 acres of potatoes, wheat, and corn supplemented by crops like safflower and canola.

Farming fulltime since after college, Klaren’s son, Kamren, has worked side by side his team as manager and partner at Koompin Farms for eleven harvests. In the past decade he has been farming, Kamren has noticed a budding interest in environmental responsibility.

“Accountability and sustainability have become very important with the people we supply for. It has become a hot topic issue across the board, from our customers to their customers,” says Kamren.

Practices in place

“Sustainability has always been important because if you’re not sustainable, you’re not profitable. It’s just that now we’re expected to keep track of it,” Kamren says.

As food processors and manufacturers begin looking for ways to protect our natural resources, Kamren knows that sustainability is nothing new for growers. In fact, land stewardship has been a part of agriculture since the dawn of time.

“It’s nothing that we’re doing any differently when it comes to our farming practices. Sustainability has always been important because if you’re not sustainable, you’re not profitable. It’s just that now we’re expected to keep track of it,” says Kamren.

To help him trace his farm’s sustainability footprint, Kamren uses the technology provided by the AgriEdge Excelsior® program.

“The software has made it a lot easier for us to keep track of our inputs, like fertilizer, and calculate our land and water usage. Its ease and simplicity has meant quite a bit,” says Kamren. “You spend way less time keeping track of the information you should be keeping track of anyway.”

Sustainability in sight

For many, seeing is believing. Giving him back hours of his week, the program also provides both Kamren and his customers with tangible evidence they can rely on.

“For food processors and manufacturers, it’s all about being able to visually see what we are accomplishing, and the program lets us do that,” says Kamren. “On the farm side, the accuracy of this information has been eye opening.”

As he builds on the success of the past and nurtures the Koompin family’s future in American Falls, Kamren knows that access to sustainability information is crucial.

“Down the line, we’ll be able to look at the field print from three years ago and compare it to the same crop and field. What changed, what was better, did we get a better yield and, if so, what did we do differently,” explains Kamren. “There’s definitely something to it moving forward.”

Like the growers that came before him, Kamren is doing everything he can to maintain a sustainable operation. With his eye on the horizon, Kamren is using the AgriEdge Excelsior program to help him meet his farm’s needs and those of downstream partners for years to come.


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