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Miravis Top Fungicide

Miravis® Top fungicide pulls double duty when it comes to disease control and plant health. Specifically engineered for the needs of Southern soybean growers, Miravis Top is a combination of difenoconazole and Adepidyn® fungicide, the first SDHI for soybeans with plant-health benefits.

As a preventive and curative fungicide, Miravis Top delivers cleaner, greener soybean fields and fights yield-robbing diseases like strobilurin-resistant and susceptible frogeye leaf spot, target spot, aerial web blight and Septoria brown spot with two highly effective modes of action. With Miravis Top, growers no longer have to play catch-up in an unpredictable disease environment and can unleash the upside yield potential of their soybeans.

Two-Pronged Defense against Disease

With the combination of difenoconazole and Adepidyn fungicide – one of the most potent SDHI molecules ever developed – Miravis Top redefines double duty with a two-pronged defense against strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot.

Miravis® Top

Priaxor® D

Stratego® YLD
Untreated soybeans resistant frogeye leaf spot

Rend Lake, IL 2016

Disease present: strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot



Miravis Top delivers superior control of target leaf spot and Septoria brown spot

Miravis® Top

Stratego® YLD



Vanndale, AR 2017 
Treatments made July 14, 2017 (R3.5). Photos taken Aug. 15, 2017 
Diseases present: Moderate target spot, moderate/heavy Septoria brown spot

Reap the Rewards of Customized Disease Control and Plant-Health Benefits

  • Binds to the waxy layer of the leaf for extended residual control and rainfastness to protect foliage throughout the canopy, resulting in optimum photosynthesis and maximum pod fill
  • Sets a new standard for plant-health benefits and offers two active ingredients and modes of action that control the toughest Southern soybean diseases
  • Puts growers in the driver’s seat, because it has two active ingredients that provide broad-spectrum disease control and the first SDHI for soybeans to deliver plant-health benefits
  • Helps growers stay ahead of further resistance development with two effective modes of action

Download Supporting Miravis Top Documents

20199472019418151635_miravistopbrochure.jpg PDF
Miravis Top Brochure(PDF)
201867320181218155745_miravis-top-techsheet.JPG PDF
Miravis Top Technical Sell Sheet(PDF)

Miravis Top Performance

left arrow
FELS severity
Target spot severity
Target spot yield
right arrow
Miravis Top controls frogeye leaf spot
better than Priaxor D.

High level of Qol resistance.
Tamms, IL.
Scott Cully, 2015.

Miravis Top controls target spot better than Priaxor + Triazole.

2017 product evaluation. FAD05213-2017 (LA).

Miravis Top produces higher yields when target spot is present.

2017 product evaluation. FAD05213-2017 (LA).


May 24, 2018

Syngenta announces EPA registration of game-changing fungicide Adepidyn®

Syngenta announced today its latest carboxamide fungicide (SDHI mode of action) – Adepidyn – has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Read more »


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