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Product Highlights

Force® 3G is the most effective and consistent granular soil-applied corn insecticide available. It offers growers a unique chemistry and a low use rate. Force 3G provides proven control of corn rootworms, wireworms, cutworms, white grubs and other troublesome soil pests, leading to fully-developed roots, stronger stands and improved yields. It can be applied over the top of CRW-traited corn acres, to refuge acres or to full-field conventional acres. 

Product Highlights

  • Top-rated control of corn rootworm and other early-season pests
  • Delivers high performance insect control even in heavy pressure zones
  • Works by contact or through ingestion to control insects better than any other soil-applied insecticide
  • Proven performance for enhanced yield when applied over CRW-traited acres
  • Unsurpassed flexibility with no adverse herbicide interactions
  • Can be applied at an economical low use rate
  • Great partner for refuge acre management



Joe SchaeferForce on trait for me is key. Regardless if it’s corn-on-corn, Force is going to go on at a full rate because of the risk that we have today. We cannot afford to take a risk with the way input costs are. You’ve got to be able to protect the root to maximize yield.


Joe Schaefer, Sales Agronomist, Parker, South Dakota 


Jay PuffettSome of my growers have been using Force since it came out. They realize the benefit of that. Growers who keep using Force have seen their yields climb. They have not hit that plateau yet and they have not seen those rootworm issues. 


Jay Puffett, Syngenta Seed Advisor, Greeley, Iowa 


Download Supporting Force 3G Documents

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Capture LFR vs. Force CS(PDF)
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Photos: In-field Performance(PDF)
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