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With high-performing NK variety, New York grower seals win in state yield contest

•    S20-T6 brand held up against extreme white mold pressure and an unusually wet season 
•    Variety bested the state soybean yield average by nearly 24 bu/A 

MINNETONKA, Minn., USA, March 20, 2018 – Dennis Forrester’s crops overcame much to deliver a victory in the New York Soybean Yield Contest, placing first in the North Regional Group 2 division with NK® Soybeans S20-T6 brand from Syngenta.

Dennis Forrester and New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association President Jason Swede.
In a year that delivered almost 50 inches of rain, the region around his Henderson, New York acres faced intense white mold pressure after a cold, wet start. Even so, Forrester’s soybeans thrived – producing an average 68.69 bushels per acre (bu/A).

“Yields across the region were down, but S20-T6 brand stayed consistent. It’s a strong variety with good characteristics,” Forrester said. 

The industry standard for Sclerotinia white mold tolerance, S20-T6 brand is highly productive in a variety of soil types and also features strong Sudden Death Syndrome resistance. By pairing these qualities with close consideration of his local agronomic challenges, Forrester was able to seal his win despite heavy rainfall and a late harvest. He bested the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s reported 2017 state average for New York by almost 24 bu/A.

“He likes good yields. He likes to push things,” said Glen Yousey, Forrester’s NK retailer and neighbor for more than 30 years. “The win was certainly a combination of strong genetics, crop protection and careful attention to management practices.” 

NK Soybeans like S20-T6 brand offer a cutting-edge addition to growers’ seed portfolios, with unique and innovative varieties developed through the latest scientific advances. Featuring a choice of herbicide trait selections, they help growers spread risk and maximize potential returns.

As a reward for his success, Forrester was awarded with special recognition and a plaque at the New York Corn and Soybean Association’s 2018 Winter Expo in Liverpool, New York. 

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