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Product Overview

Palisade® EC plant growth regulator (PGR) helps mitigate lodging challenges caused by adverse weather or higher nitrogen fertilization levels. By shortening the internodes and strengthening the stem through inhibition of cell elongation, Palisade EC shortens plants, which leads to reduced lodging and improved standability. Because lodging can reduce yield by 10 to 40 percent, an application of Palisade EC helps protect your valuable crop investments.

Product Highlights

  • Shortens internodes to reduce crop height and lower center of gravity, which improves crop standability and mitigates risk from adverse weather
  • Increases stem thickness and diameter to help strengthen the stem and decrease lodging, which avoids harvest delays, yield loss and reduced grain quality
  • Helps protect yield potential in conditions or with varieties prone to lodging which allows growers to use higher N fertilization and ultimately increases profit potential for growers
  • Mitigates threat of lodging from high nitrogen levels carried over from previous crop
  • Offers a wide application window to help growers optimize spray programs for cost efficiency and flexibility under adverse weather conditions
  • Offers tank-mix flexibility with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers, including liquid N
  • Has very good crop tolerance when applied between Feekes Growth Stages 4 to 7 and under favorable environmental conditions
  • Proven performance in global cereals and U.S. grass seed market, making Palisade EC a trusted product for growers

Download Supporting Palisade EC Documents

Cereals Plant Growth Regulator Agronomic Slides(PDF)
Heartland South Palisade EC 2013 Yield Results(PDF)
Palisade EC: The Lodging Management Choice for High-yielding Cereals(PDF)
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