Maxim MZ - Seed Treatment | Syngenta

Product Overview

Maxim® MZ seed-delivered fungicide offers broad-spectrum seed- and soil-borne disease protection for potatoes from planting. With no identified cross-resistance to other fungicide chemistries, Maxim MZ protects potatoes from diseases that cause poor emergence, uneven crop growth and crop stand reduction, resulting in potential for bigger yields and higher quality potatoes. In addition, Maxim MZ contains mancozeb, which helps prevent seed-to-seed transmission of late blight.

Product Highlights

  • Reduces infection from seed-borne late blight
  • Unique contact activity allows the product to remain in the rhizosphere, which protects stems, stolons and roots longer than competitive products
  • Provides long-lasting activity at low use rates
  • Active ingredient use per acre is significantly lower than other dust seed treatments
  • Complements existing IPM methods to help manage fungicide resistance
  • Compatible with seed-applied insecticides
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