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New 2021 harvest data highlights NK Field Forged Series is outperforming competitors

As results roll in, farmers are seeing impressive yields with NK® corn and soybeans.

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., USA, Dec. 10, 2021 – Syngenta Seeds unveiled new data today from the 2021 harvest, indicating the NK Field Forged Series™ outperformed the competition with higher yields. After a demanding growing season that tar spot, high corn rootworm pressure, damaging winds, Dakota droughts and Mississippi floods made even more challenging, the NK seed brand’s success at harvest is proving why it’s the fastest growing seed brand in the US.1

The Field Forged Series is a lineup of corn hybrids and soybean varieties that combines proven performers and elite newcomers. This line of products maximizes profit potential through a diverse genetic toolbox designed to help growers tackle various field challenges and conditions ― and it’s delivering on that promise in the field.

NK corn hybrids have proven their success with impressive harvest numbers, such as NK0748-3120, which has shown average yield advantages as high as 12.6 bu/a over DEKALB, Pioneer and Channel.2

“We’ve seen strong consistency in NK corn performance throughout the US,” said Joe Bollman, NK corn product manager. “I’ve been getting almost daily calls and emails about its success, especially against tar spot in comparison with competitors. It’s more proof that we are the fastest growing seed brand for a reason.”

Corn growers have also faced heavy corn rootworm pressure and damaging winds, but NK genetics have also helped growers fight those adversities.

“Products with the Agrisure Duracade trait have been strong tools to assist growers in managing their corn rootworm threat, and this harvest season has been yet another proof point in that conversation,” Bollman said. “Growers who saw downed corn or heavy feeding this year should absolutely consider Agrisure Duracade hybrids for next season.”

While the combines are rolling, Bollman recommends taking the time to reflect on this season’s performance and make product selections for next season. Bollman recommends NK9175-5222A, an Agrisure Duracade® product, as well as NK1082-5222A, which outperformed Pioneer by 1.7 bu/a over 866 comparisons nationwide.

NK soybeans also have shown impressive yields this season. NK Field Forged Enlist E3® varieties outyielded Pioneer Enlist E3 by 0.4 bu/a in over 1,400 comparisons and NK Field Forged XtendFlex® varieties outyielded Asgrow XtendFlex by 0.8 bu/a in over 3,000 comparisons.

“This year’s soybean harvest progressed nicely,” said Eric Miller, NK soybean product marketing manager. “We’re very excited with the yields growers saw in the fields, specifically when it comes to the effects of our proprietary field-proven genetics launched this year with the Field Forged Series.”

“NK is the first in the field to offer leading traits such as Enlist E3 and XtendFlex on our own, exclusive genetics,” Miller said, “and these genetics have performed really well compared with our competitors in the harvest season.”

Miller is particularly impressed with Enlist E3 soybean varieties NK14-W6E3, NK22-C4E3 and NK37-V4E3S for optimal yield results, as well as NK17-M2XF, NK25-C9XF and NK44-J4XFS XtendFlex varieties.

See corn results local to you at For soybean results, go to For help analyzing yield results from local geographies, consult your local retailer about the Cropwise™ Seed Selector tool.

To learn more about NK, contact a local NK retailer or visit To learn more about the Field Forged Series, visit Join the conversation online ― connect with Syngenta at and follow @NKSeeds on Facebook and Twitter and @nkseeds_us on Instagram.

Based on the percentage increase in combined corn and soy acres for the top 12 seed companies in the U.S. (by acres planted) from 2019 – 2021 (2021 corn acres are projected), according to third party proprietary data.
2021 trials in Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana & Kentucky

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