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Syngenta announces EPA registration of Tendovo™ soybean herbicide

New herbicide provides growers unprecedented weed control for the 2022 growing season

Tendovo vs Zidua Pro
Treated with Tendovo (left) shows effective weed control and fuller canopy versus soybeans in the same field treated on the same day with a competitive herbicide brand (right).
GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, February 15, 2022Syngenta announced today that its new preemergence soybean herbicide, Tendovo™, has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and will be available for use next season, subject to state approvals.

Growers who use Tendovo can achieve early-season weed control without compromise. The first and only soybean three-way premix of its kind, Tendovo provides redefined early-season preemergence weed control, without the crop injury of competitive brands.

“We’re really excited to bring Tendovo to the market,” said Kevin Gesse, head of herbicide product marketing at Syngenta. “From a performance standpoint, it really stands out from the pack. The biggest thing growers will notice is that Tendovo stops early-season weeds but doesn't slow down soybean growth.”

With three sites of action, Tendovo delivers unprecedented weed control against more than 70 yield-robbing weeds. Regardless of soybean production system, soil type or geography, yield-focused soybean growers who adopt Tendovo can achieve not only early-season weed control and crop protection, but also higher potential yield at harvest.

“We’ve seen a 4 to 5 bushel an acre advantage in field trials with Tendovo1,” says Pete Eure, herbicide technical lead at Syngenta. “By controlling the tough weeds that compete with soybeans for sunlight, water and nutrients, Tendovo helps growers achieve superior potential yield and return on investment (ROI) at harvest.”

Across 15 head-to-head replicated trials at five weeks after emergence, Tendovo provided greater than 95% control of pigweeds and grass weeds versus competitive herbicides. In addition, those same trials showed soybean fields treated with Tendovo canopied more quickly, had better stands and, on-the-whole, looked healthier.2

Overall, soybean fields treated with Tendovo thrive — regardless of soil type, tillage system, geography or genetic package — and do not experience the yield drag sometimes seen with other herbicides.

For season-long control and optimum yield protection, Syngenta recommends using Tendovo preemergence in a planned two-pass program. It can be followed by a post-emergence application of Sequence® or Tavium® Plus VaporGrip® Technology herbicide, the Syngenta dicamba herbicide premix.

“The trend toward earlier planting and the spread of herbicide resistance further increase the need to make a preemergence residual herbicide application, and that need will continue to grow,” Eure said. “We are excited to bring another valuable formulation to the Syngenta soybean residual herbicide portfolio. With this latest innovation, growers can now achieve ultimate weed management and maximum yield and ROI potential across any trait platform. Better yield with effective herbicides, like Tendovo, really is the better deal for growers.”

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1 2020 University Trials, HSM050ABC4 2020US. IL, AR, MI, OH, MO.
2 University and Syngenta Trials – 2020 – MD, NE, MO (2), IA, IL (3), MN (2), IN (2), OH, MI, AR. Use Rates: Tendovo 1.2 to 2.35 qt/a; Sonic® 4.5 to 8 oz/a; Fierce® XLT 3.75 to 5.25 oz/a; Zidua® Pro 4.5 to 6 oz/a; Authority® Edge 6 to 9 oz/a.

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