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Our History and Commitment to American Agriculture

We are committed to improving farmer productivity and profitability through breakthrough innovation and technology.

Since 1970, Syngenta and our legacy companies have served American farmers. We help growers achieve success year after year through our focus on and investment in innovation – designing and consistently delivering best-in-class products along with agronomic advice to help farmers produce better and more sustainable food, feed, fiber and fuel crops.

We are committed to helping U.S. growers improve their productivity and profitability with breakthrough technologies, including new value-adding crop protection, seeds, traits, and precision and farm management technologies. Syngenta is investing in innovation, providing choice and value for U.S. farmers and American agriculture.

Syngenta in the U.S.

  • We employ more than 4,400 employees across more than 40 states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.
  • We purchase approximately $2 billion in goods and services to make significant capital investments in the U.S. that directly benefit American farmers. We have invested more than $605 million since 2016.

We continue to make significant capital investments in the United States that directly benefit American farmers and the economy as a whole – more than $605 million in recent years.