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Supporting America’s Farmers

We are invested in farmers, both learning from and providing them with solutions to on-farm and off-field challenges.

U.S. growers are the most productive, advanced, and competitive in the world. We are committed to learning from them and helping them succeed with breakthrough technologies, including new crop protection, seeds, traits, and precision and farm management products and services.

For farmers, we provide information on crop care and pest identification, as well as learning modules to help them stay up to date on the latest innovations, provide product-specific and environmental stewardship trainings and certifications.

Syngenta Supports Those Who Support Veteran and Minority Farmers

Grow More Experience Sites

As agriculture constantly evolves, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest innovations. Through cutting-edge research and local agronomic insights, our Grow More™ Experience sites address this challenge head-on by acting as local laboratories for thousands of visitors. Through trials and demonstrations featuring seeds, traits, seed treatments, crop protection products, cover crops and more, visitors have the unique opportunity to experience and see for themselves performance plots featuring Syngenta’s product portfolio, in comparison with competitor products and untreated crops.

Syngenta’s AgriEdge Farm Management System

This digital platform uses a data-driven approach to help growers continuously improve productivity, reduce energy use, and optimize water consumption and other inputs to grow crops more profitably and sustainably. The AgriEdge Farm Management System has been so successful in the U.S. that food companies are working with Syngenta to have more of their suppliers to adopt the program.

Cropwise Seed Selector

Launched in September 2020, the Cropwise™ Seed Selector provides an archive of agronomic information to help growers make confident seed selections. The platform provides data-based on geographic location, soil productivity, precipitation levels, historic crop stress and product performance over time and by region. Artificial intelligence and agronomic information underlie a simple interface that allows users to “test” how a specific product would perform under different conditions.

Industry Events

Industry events and trade shows are a valuable opportunity to meet, engage and learn from our customers as well as our peers. Participating in both live and virtual events is one way we ensure growers, seed distributors and partners are equipped with the latest products, insights and innovations. Syngenta is proud to have a long history of sponsoring and supporting Commodity Classic, Husker Harvest, Farm Machinery Show, and Farm Progress.

The Syngenta difference is an advantage for growers