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COVID-19 Response

Syngenta remains a reliable and trusted partner for farmers across the United States in this particularly difficult time. Since the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we began working to help our U.S. employees, contractors, customers and local communities navigate this crisis.

For our employees, we launched a web portal, which provides health, government, customer, travel, and various other sources of information and other resources. We provided this not just to our employees but also made it available to customers and others to help them, their families, and communities to stay healthy, active and manage stress during this unprecedented time.

We have made donations to food banks in various communities across the U.S. including Omaha, Nebraska, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Greensboro and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, among others. In some communities, we are donating laptops to children in need who are now required to learn from home.